Waveguides, Optics & Display Engines

High-quality, full-color transparent optical structure for near-eye augmented reality displays and lenses.

What are Waveguides?

Waveguides are thin (about 1 mm thick for each individual plate), transparent, optical elements that take a projected virtual image and relay it to the eye while expanding the exit pupil (viewing window) at the same time.

Currently available in two field of vision formats, 28˚ and 40˚, the Waveguides are built from plastic or glass and allow images to travel between two surfaces. The image bounces along the interior of the lenses, to the exit point, and then projects into the eye.

Waveguides are immersive but not all-consuming. While other technologies display an opaque image, Waveguides are transparent, so the smart glasses do not need to be removed to complete other tasks.

Vuzix Waveguide Benefits

  • Vuzix Waveguides are some of the brightest, clearest, best-performing Waveguides available on the market
  • They allow for the design of thinner, lighter, more fashionable smart glasses
  • Experience Augmented Reality (AR) while being always grounded to the real world
  • Provide better situational awareness with little obstruction of the ambient environment
  • Can be configured for larger FOVs, ergonomic expansion structures and around Vuzix smart glasses’ latest display engines. All while fitting into your required industrial designs, even those of modern fashion-based glasses.

Vuzix Waveguides & Optics Technology

Vuzix expanding intellectual property portfolio boasts well over 200 patents and patents pending, numerous IP licenses in the near-eye display field, and many trade secrets. Some of its competitive technology differentiators include:

  • Full-color Waveguide optics and development plans for curved see-through optical surfaces
  • Design through to tooling of Waveguides and optical system all in house
  • Digitally written gratings allow for complex patterned diffractive structures with quick turn around and high repeatability.
  • In house custom Reactive Ion Beam etch tools for etch 3 dimensional surfaces.
  • Mass production of finished Waveguide in house
  • Production IP including the chemistry required through to the metrology all done in house
  • Passive and Dynamic Holographic Waveguide optics for existing 2D displays
  • Ambient light transmission control
  • Micro LED display engine design with large field of view HD optics
  • Just about every aspect of the optical systems required from design through to production all in house at Vuzix West Henrietta New York facilities

Technical Specification

What do I need to use Vuzix Waveguides?

To use Vuzix Waveguides, a developer needs a micro-display with access to a display generator. Your smartphone or computer can act as a display generator. There also need to be collimating lenses to put in front of the display. All this needs to be held together in form of frame, such as with smart glasses, we can prototype quickly for your specific needs.

How will Waveguides benefit me?

Waveguides are immersive but not all-consuming. While other technologies display an opaque image that needs to be removed or positioned to the side while working in the real world, Waveguides are transparent, so the smart glasses do not need to be removed to complete other tasks.

Waveguide Tool Design and Replication

Digital write methods open all new design spaces for Waveguides. From multiple pitches and grating orientations, to control over the duty cycles, to the ability to make complex 3-dimensional structures, Vuzix has the design experience to model, design, manufacture and test designs that would not be possible with a standard interference lithography set-up. Once a mold is created, it is stored as a recipe that can be called up and replicated or iteratively changed as needed.

Once the designs are modeled and the patters are written, Vuzix processes the molds in-house with our custom e-beam etch equipment in our state-of-the art clean room spaces. We take digital binaries and convert them from masks into functional molds.

When it is time to replicate, all the associated processes are also done on-site just outside of Rochester, New York. From customized photopolymers to robot assisted replication processes, Vuzix has the process knowhow to volume produce waveguides.

We can design Waveguide systems to work with almost any projector, across various fields-of-view and any wavelength range. For optimal performance and efficiency, the Waveguide and projector should be designed to function together. At Vuzix, we have experience designing projectors and working with strategic partners to optimize projector designs.


Display Engines

World’s tiniest microLED projector

Vuzix Waveguides require a powerful display engine expressly built for the job. From miniaturization to lightwave coupling to ultra-efficiency and high resolution output, we’ve redefined what’s possible in an LED projector. Our display engine is the smallest and most advanced available, perfectly suited to lightweight wearable form factors. Barely the size of a pencil eraser, the microLED display engine can pair with any variety of optics technology solutions. Learn how our OEM services enable with companies to produce results ideal for their customers.

MicroLED projection engine specs

  • 6.2mm wide
  • Less than 0.4 CC
  • 2M+ NITS
  • Super power efficient
  • 1 micron pixels
  • 100,000:1 contrast ratio

Partner With Us

Our technology can be your technology

Find out more about how Vuzix Waveguides can fit the needs of your products and customers. Partnering with us will give you first-hand access to our most advanced technologies and engineering services in optics and smart glasses. We have a great record of partnership with companies from the most varied backgrounds, finding solutions for a variety of needs. From defense and security to warehousing and health care, we have the right solution for you.