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The Vuzix Blade® is a monocular Android-based smart display with a see-through viewing experience utilizing Vuzix's proprietary Waveguide optics.

The Vuzix Blade® is the first truly wearable pair of lightweight AR smart glasses for consumers and enterprise.

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Vuzix Blade® Smart Glasses FAQ

Vuzix Blade® delivers a "hands free" digital world, providing unprecedented access to information, data collection and more. Improve existing workflows and open a new opportunities in industrial, medical, retail, supply chain, remote help desk and other aspects of your business.

Can I make my own Speech Recognition commands?

The base set of speech commands cannot be changed. However, developers who are writing an app for the Blade can use the Vuzix Speech SDK to interact with Speech Recognition and set their own custom vocabulary of commands. These commands will not be available to other apps running on the device.

Can I use other apps that record audio, like the Camera, while using Speech Recognition?

Speech Recognition cannot be used at the same time as another app that records audio. While Speech Recognition is enabled, any app that requests audio input will cause Speech Recognition to stop listening. Once that app is finished using the audio input, Speech Recognition will be automatically re-enabled.

Can I use Speech Recognition to launch a digital assistant?

If a digital assistant is installed on the Blade, then the command "get assistant" will launch it. While the assistant is listening to the microphone, Speech Recognition will not be available. Note that digital assistants may require internet access and may record your audio data to the cloud.

Can I use voice commands to control the Blade?

Yes, to enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Device > Speech Recognition - Select "Turn On".

The commands available to control the device are as follows:

  • "Hello Vuzix" - Blade speech engine starts listening
  • "Go Left" / "Move Left" - Basic directional navigation
  • "Go Right" / "Move Right" -  Basic directional navigation
  • "Go Up" / "Move Up" - Basic directional navigation
  • "Go Down" / "Move Down" - Basic directional navigation
  • "Pick This" / "Select This"  / "Confirm" / "Okay" / "Open" -  Activates the item that currently has focus
  • "Scroll Left" - Scrolls left until you say "stop"
  • "Scroll Right" - Scrolls right until you say "stop"
  • "Scroll Up" - Scrolls up until you say "stop"
  • "Scroll Down" - Scrolls down until you say "stop"
  • "Go to Sleep" - Puts blade to sleep
  • "Cancel" / "Close" / "Go Back" / "Done" - Navigates backward in the history stack
  • "Go Home" / "Quit" / "Exit" - Sends you to Home Screen
  • "Stop" -  Stop while scrolling
  • "Show Menu" -  Brings up context menu for current UI screen
  • "Next" - Takes you the next page (app-dependent)
  • "Previous" - Takes you the previous page (app-dependent)
  • "Go Forward" - Takes you forward (app-dependent)
  • "Page Up" - Takes you one page up
  • "Page Down" - Takes you one page down
  • "Volume Up" - Turns volume up by 5
  • "Volume Down" - Turns volume down by 5
  • "Speech Settings" - Sends you to speech settings menu
  • "Speech Commands" / "Command List" - Shows you the list of speech commands available
  • "Hey Google" - Opens Google Assistant (if installed)
  • "Hey Alexa" - Opens Alexa Assistant (if installed)
  • "Get Assistant" - Opens preferred installed assistant 
  • "Start Recording" - Opens the Camera app from any interface on Blade. Use the command 'Select This' or 'Pick This' to start recording.
  • "Take a Picture" - Opens the Camera app from any interface on Blade. Use the command 'Select This' or 'Pick This' to take a picture.
  • "View Notifications" / "Open Notifications" - Sends you the list of notifications
  • "Clear Notifications" - Delete all the notifications
  • "Voice Off" - Blade stops listening

To disable this feature, navigate to Settings > Device > Speech Recognition - Select "Turn Off".

Do I need an Amazon Prime Account to use Alexa on the Blade?

No, a standard Amazon account will give you access to the majority of the features offered with the Alexa service on the Blade.