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M300 Smart Glasses

Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses delivers a “hands free” digital world, providing unprecedented access to information, data collection and more. Improve existing workflows and open new opportunities in industrial, medical, retail, supply chain, remote help desk, and other aspects of your business.

Can I cast the screen of my M300?

Yes, the M300 supports the Miracast streaming standard. To cast your screen, go to the Display section of the M300 Settings application and select "Cast screen". The M300 will scan for available Miracast devices and then allow you to cast your screen to a device you select. To enable the wireless display, press and hold the forward button until the “Enable wireless display” menu come up. Select this to start screen casting.

How can I connect my M300 to a WiFi network?

From the the Wi-Fi section of the M300 Settings application, enable the Wi-Fi by toggling Off to On. The M300 will then scan for available networks. Scroll down to the network you want to connect to and select it. A standard Android keyboard will come up if the network is password protected. Use this keyboard to enter the password.

You can also use the bar code scanner to scan in an encoded network and password. You can use almost any QR code generator to do this. An example might be:

Once the QR Code is created, you simply use the bar code scanner app or in Wi-Fi setting to scan the QR Code. Please remember anyone with access to the generated QR Code can gain access to your network. If you want a secure way to do this the QR Code should be generated on a second device and time locked to the M300 and at the same time, changed on the fly.

How can I develop an application for the M300?

For information on developing applications intended to run on the M300, please register as a developer on our site and reference the M300 SDK documentation.

How can I extend the runtime of my M300?

To extend the runtime of your M300, connect an external USB battery to the USB Micro-B port on the M300 Battery Pod. Alternatively, you can use the optional M300 Power Adapter and connect the external USB battery directly to the M300 Main Unit.

You can purchase additional external USB batteries and the optional USB power adaptor for the M300 in our Accessory section here.

How can I install applications to my M300?

Install via Vuzix App Store

If the application you wish to install is on our App Store, log in to the app store and register your device. From there, any of the application that you add to your app store library will be installed to your M300 once it has an internet connection and the M300 Over The Air (OTA) updates. To enable OTA, go to the App manager in the Setting application and enable it. You can also, from this menu, select the method the M300 will choose to determine when it updates going forward.

Install via Vuzix Smart Glasses System File Manager

You can use our Smart Glasses System File Manager to load APKs directly to the M300. You can download and install System File Manager from here.

Install via ADB

If you are familiar with ADB (Android Debug Bridge), using commands in that protocol is the simplest and most direct way of loading an application to the device via USB. You’ll need ADB to be installed (you can follow this tutorial), and then simply issue the command ‘adb install <filename>.apk’ from within the directory that contains the apk in a Command Prompt window.

Install from M300 Filesystem

You can also load applications directly to the filesystem of the M300 either by downloading from a URL linking directly to the application, or via USB (to the Download directory). You can then install the APK from the Downloads application on the M300. You will need to enable the installation of applications from unknown sources to do this. To do so, go to the Security area in the Settings application and enable the “Unknown sources” option.

How can I update the OS on my M300?


The preferred method of updating your M300 is via the included OTA (Over The Air) update mechanism, which will require the M300 to be connected to a stable WiFi network with internet access.

  1. Make sure your M300 is plugged into a 1.5 amp USB power source*.
  2. Open the Settings application.
  3. Select the "OTA System Update" option at the bottom of the list.
  4. If an update is available, select "Install".
  5. Wait for the M300 to download, then reboot and install the update.
  6. Once the M300 has fully rebooted following the update, your update is complete.

*Do not power off or interrupt the M300 during the upgrade process or corruption of the OS may occur! If your OS is corrupted, contact Vuzix Technical Support for assistance.

Platform Flash Tool Lite

As an alternative, the M300 can be updated offline via USB with Platform Flash Tool Lite from Intel. For assistance with manually updating your device with this tool, please contact Vuzix Technical Support.

My M300 won't power on. What can I do?

This is likely an issue with the level of charge on the batteries in your M300. The M300 contains two batteries, the primary battery within the M300 Battery Pod, as well as a small fail-over battery in the M300 Main Unit to support the hot-swapping functionality of the Battery Pod.

If the internal failover battery does not have sufficient charge, the M300 will not boot. It is important that prior to first use, the M300 is charged fully assembled and with a power source supplying a minimum of 1.5A.

When not using your M300, it is important to disconnect the battery from main unit and ensure that the unit is powered down by holding the power button for a few seconds and then selecting power off from the menu and then confirm by selecting “OK”. The internal battery should not drain, and you can simply charge the battery pod alone from a power source supplying a minimum of 0.5A.

If you are still having trouble, please contact Vuzix Technical Support.

My M300 tends to run out of power while I am connected to my PC. How do I fix this?

The M300, when it is running full tilt, can draw as much as 1.5 amps. Most standard USB output connections from a PC or laptop only provide .5 amps, which underpowers the M300. After a period of time, the batteries will drain and the M300 will need to be charged. It is recommended to use a HUB with 2 amp ports so the M300 always has enough power to continuously run under any power load conditions. Especially if you’re a developer and need the M300 plugged in and running under test continuously.

How can I tell if the M300 is powering up and going through the boot up process?

If the internal battery is not charged when the M300 is first connected to the hot swap battery or the USB power adapter, it will take a few minutes before the system will start up.

Once the M300’s power button is pressed, the green LED just above it will go through a sequence of ON>OFF flashes until its remains solid: 3 flashes>off>1 flash>off>3 flashes and then solid ON. At this point, the M300 is well into its boot up process and, shortly, the M300 display screen will light up and the LED will remain on.

If this sequence does not happen, press and hold the power button for 10 full seconds then release; the LED will go off (if it was on.) Now, press the power button until you see the LED flash sequence start. This will do a full reboot of the M300 and, if the batteries are charged, it will boot to the launcher screen shortly.

How can I perform a full power reboot on the M300?

Press and hold the power button for 10 full seconds then release; the LED will go off (if it was on) and the M300 screen and CPU will completely shut off. Now, press the power button and press it until you see the LED flash sequence start. This will do a full reboot on the M300 and if the batteries are charged it will shortly boot to the launcher screen.

My M300 will not boot for some reason?

It is very important that both ends of the power cable are connected properly to the M300 and the battery pod. After ensuring the proper connectivity, attempt a full power reboot. (Please refer to FAQ : “How can I perform a full power reboot on the M300”)

If you are still having trouble, please contact Vuzix Technical Support.

M100 Smart Glasses

The Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses is an Android-based wearable computer, enhanced with a wearable monocular display and computer, recording features and wireless connectivity capabilities designed for commercial, professional, and prosumer users. Its pre-installed apps can be used to record and playback still pictures and video, track timed events, manage your calendar, link to your phone and more. The M100 is compatible with thousands of existing Android apps and easy access to developer resources enables the creation of custom apps to suit virtually any need

What can I use the USB micro-B connector for?

This connector can be used only for charging and ADB (Android Debug Bridge) connectivity. This port does not support an MHL (Mobile Hi-Speed Link) connection or USB peripherals.

What are the options for screencasting from the M100?

Screencasting is not officially supported in the current version of Android (4.0.4 – Ice Cream Sandwich) being used on the M100. The best option which exists today is utilizing ADB over the built in USB micro port and an application such as Droid@Screen.

Are Google push notifications supported?

We do not currently support Google Cloud Messaging. Any push notifications would need to be provided by a third party application.

Are Google APIs supported?

We do not currently support Google APIs or services. Any application depending on these services will result in an error when launching the application on the M100.

Is it possible to add additional voice commands?

Yes, additional grammars can be added to our voice engine for a cost – [cost] per grammar. Vuzix will create the additional grammars for you which can then be installed on the device. It is not possible for end users to add additional grammars independently.

iWear Video Headphones

iWear video headphones comes with dual high-definition displays that supports HDMI inputs compatible with mobile phones, tablet devices, console systems, PCs, and 3D Blu-ray players. iWear includes a carrying pouch, immersive light-shield, AC charging adaptor, Quickstart, warranty and safety instructions. A full manual is available by digital download.

Is the iWear a Virtual Reality only device like the competitive goggle worn systems?

The iWear was designed to be an entertainment device not only for gaming but also for compatibility with most of the standard content available today. That means it’s out of the box ready to play. It also makes a great Virtual Reality device. The high resolution, lack of screen-door effect and integrated tracking all make the iWear great for VR. The 57 degrees, with as much as 4 times the pixel density of today’s competing solutions, looks outstanding and feels like a total immersive view.

What content can be used with the iWear?

The content is endless provided the video comes in HDMI. The iWear is completely media agnostic, meaning it can display content from any smartphone, TV, gaming console, tablet, etc. And it supports stereoscopic 3D in any of the modes that are HDMI compatible! There is a hardware button for forcing 3D mode, but most forms will be automatically detected and display in 3D without any effort on your part.

Can I watch 3D Blu-ray movies?

Yes, you can watch any 3D Blu-ray movie in full frame-packed HD video for the best flicker-free viewing experience.

Can I use the iWear with my Windows PC or Mac as a secondary display?

Yes, you can enjoy full-screen readable across a massive screen. And with the iWear’s optics it should be highly readable even into the corners of the display.

Can I view 3D immersive content compatible with other immersive VR goggles?

Yes, there are a variety of sources with numerous titles and content coming out daily. With OSVR compatibility, as new titles are released they should automatically support the iWear’s VR capabilities.

Can I use the iWear with my Xbox or PlayStation?

Yes, you can play intense gaming on a massive video screen that will vastly outsize your other home based video screens.

Can I use the iWear with my iPhone or Android based smartphone?

Yes, just get an HDMI cable that’s compatible with your smartphone and you’ll be in the theater’s front row! Even 3D content can play off your smartphone. And of course your games will look absolutely awesome and will rival your home console gaming experience.

Can I use a WiFi HDMI dongle with the iWear to receive and watch wireless video from a tablet, smartphone or PC?

Yes, with appropriate cabling. And the experience is awesome!

How does the iWear compare to standard professional audio headphones?

The iWear is well balanced and very comfortable for those long gaming sessions. Vuzix used high quality materials for maximum touch / feel and numerous adjustments allow for a very comfortable fit. The leather surfaces with plenty of foam packing provide a comfortable natural feel. The iWear was also designed to provide a visual experience that would support many hours of comfortable use. The video visor floats in front of your eyes not touching the front of your face or your nose putting practically zero pressure on your face. The optics are one size fits all, requiring no focus or IPD adjustments, and they can also be worn above virtually all glasses. The iWear was designed with no mechanical features on the back of the head. This allows the iWear to be used in environments where you may want to put your head back and relax – like in your bedroom or while travelling on a plane.

How portable is the iWear?

The iWear was designed to fold up and fit in a small carry case and since it runs on batteries it doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall to use. These features are critical for a mobile device.

What is the field of view?

Looking into the device, you’ll see an image that looks like a 130” screen 10 feet away from you. That translates to a 57 degree diagonal field of view.

What is the resolution?

One million high definition color pixels / eye.

Will I need to wear my eyeglasses?

Most people will not if you can see distance images clearly. However if you need eyeglasses to correct for distance vision, you can comfortably wear them under the unit.

What is the battery life?

Around 2 to 3 hours in video mode. Over 10 hours in audio mode

When will the iWear start shipping and what is the expected retail price?

Fall of 2015 at $499 MSRP


Augmented Reality

Why do the new Wrap models not include a “Works with” or “Made for” iPod or iPhone label? Does the Wrap video eyewear work with iPod/touch/iPhone?

Apple has an extensive and lengthily process which new products must go through before being approved to display those symbols. Although all the Wrap video eyewear are compatible with current generations of the iPod/touch/iPhone we did not feel our customers wanted to wait until that process had been completed before we released the Wrap eyewear for sale. When the authorization process has been completed, we begin displaying those Apple approved logos. So for now, just connect the eyewear to your iPod/touch/iPhone through a Composite A/V Adapter for iPod and enjoy.

I require prescription eyeglass for vision correction. Can I still use the Wrap video eyewear?

The Wrap video eyewear provides focal adjustment of +2 to -5 diopter independently for each eye. This broad adjustment range satisfies the needs of most spectacle wearers. In addition, Vuzix video eyewear is designed to fit over top of most prescription glasses. The nose bridge can be extended for the display to sit further away from your face and the nosepad wires allow for adjustment to virtually all facial configurations.

Will the Wrap VGA Adaptor allow me to video games in 3D stereoscopic video on my desktop and laptop PC?

No. The Wrap VGA Adaptor is designed to enable the viewing of DVDs and other video content played on desktop and laptop computers. It is not compatible with the Field Sequential 3D format used by games supporting 3D video through a Vuzix iWear VR920. It is also not intended to enable the Wrap eyewear to be used as a full computer monitor replacement for a PC. Although it can be used for this, the video quality in this application is not sufficient to satisfy our quality standards as a recommended application.

Why does the battery indicator in my Wrap eyewear not show a full charge with some batteries?

The expected battery life and indicated charge levels are based upon high-quality alkaline batteries, like those included with the Wrap video eyewear. Rechargeable batteries and others of different types as well as lesser quality brands or those that have sat on a shelf for some time may all show different charge levels.

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