Smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) are making great contributions in the delivery of medical services.

Smart Glasses in Tele-Medicine

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Smart Glasses in Tele-Medicine

Leveraging medical expertise is a world problem. Tele-medicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services through technology. Smart glasses are uniquely helpful for tele-medicine use-cases in that the onsite care practitioner can receive live expert interactive medical feedback while simultaneously acting on the feedback with their hands.

A paramedic can now stream directly to a hospital-based doctor without pausing care to the patient. The collaboration can save lives.

Vuzix M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses now carry IEC 60601-1-2:2014 certification as medical electrical equipment meeting EMC safety standards.

Industry Benefits

  • Relay instructions to care practitioners
  • More time with doctors through video feed connected to tablet
  • Monitor vital signs without taking eyes off the patient
  • Record treatment for training purposes
  • Provide instant feedback via video feed
  • Doctors access medical libraries faster and on demand
  • A specialist can spend more time interacting with patients while seeing more people in a day
  • Patients spend more time with doctors through a video feed connected to a tablet


Recording has significant medical advantages. Young doctors can be trained via real-life scenarios, complex procedures can be more collaborative, and feedback can be given instantly without overwhelming the user’s vision and sense of reality.


AR technology increases the level of patient care. Medical experts for rare conditions are accessible from far away, doctors can see a patient's vitals without taking their eyes off the patient and feedback can be provided instantly during surgery.

Vuzix Telemedicine White Paper

Telemedicine White Paper

The future of healthcare goes through smart glasses

Vuzix Smart Glasses protect patients and doctors during COVID-19 and beyond. They’re the next best thing to in-person checkups. Now you can connect with a remote medical professional and receive hands-free guidance.

Learn about our industry benefits by reading our Telemedicine White Paper.

Vuzix Telemedicine White Paper

Medical Case Study

Vuzix Smart Glasses at the Chi Mei Medical Center, Taiwan

Chi Mei Medical Center operates three hospitals—the main hospital in Tainan City, and two regional hospitals in Jiali and Liouying. It’s the largest integrated healthcare system in its region, with 2,493 beds, 39 medical departments and 6,100 employees. Chi Mei is known as the country’s innovator—it introduced robotic surgery, and it houses state-of-the-art angiography and radiotherapy systems. It’s also well-known as a pioneer of emergency care in Taiwan. Now, to facilitate and streamline their patient care and improve outcomes, Chi Mei has incorporated another hi-tech tool: Vuzix Smart Glasses.

Learn more about Vuzix Smart Glasses use at the Chi Mei Medical Center.

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