Vuzix Labs

Use-Case Focused Smart Glasses Solutions

Vuzix Labs produces specialist applications, in collaboration with engineers at Vuzix and industry partners. We build around our existing M-Series and Vuzix Blade products to develop user-focused solutions which will increase performance and result in greater productivity.

We have exciting projects lined up for the future and are pleased to launch Smart Swim as our first Vuzix Labs venture.

Vuzix Labs Smart Swim

Smart Swim® is a heads-up display providing swimmers with performance metrics and entertainment apps for training in the pool or open waters. It received two CES 2020 Innovation Awards.

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Powering Your Swim

We have worked closely with swimmers and coaches to develop this smart glasses solution which measures lap times, displays distance covered and downloads workouts. We have also included a video player to entertain swimmers during longer sessions in the water.

Our apps are designed to focus the user. Displaying lap times in front of the eye encourages swimmers to push harder and reconsider their technique, improving stamina by removing the need to keep stopping. Smart Swim connects swimmers with their coaches directly, so the same information is accessible to be analyzed. This is the new way to develop as an athlete.

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Swimmer to Coach Connection
  • Video Streaming