OEM Services Vuzix has very specialized manufacturing skills.

We design and manufacture products and components to be sold and used in white label smart glasses, optics and Waveguide based products.

Delivering Excellence Across Industries

Vuzix provides cutting edge Optics based solutions for the modern world

A major player in the heads-up display (HUD) market industry since 1997, Vuzix products represent decades of research and specialty manufacturing skills.

Major technology companies choose to partner with Vuzix for our proprietary technology and wealth of industry experience. Vuzix is a world-leader in the optical science of Waveguides, which is demonstrated in our Blade AR product. We believe that Waveguides are necessary to create smart glasses that are powerful, comfortable and attractive to wear.

Custom Optics | Waveguides | Display Engines

Working with Vuzix

Vuzix is an AR smart glasses solutions provider that designs and manufactures products in-house. Our intellectual property portfolio boasts well over 200 patents. Our development has resulted in some of the best smart glasses products and related engineering services on the market today.

All of our products are designed in the USA and most are then assembled in our ISO 9001 certified facility in Rochester, New York. An OEM partnership guarantees quality while also saving clients from losing money to their own research, development and facilities. Developing AR technology is difficult and prone to failure. Using OEM saves time, allowing companies to bring a reliable branded product to market quickly.

Main Benefits

  • We have a proven track-record providing products and solutions
  • Products manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified facility
  • Work with industry leading experts
  • Our clients save on development time and cost
  • Dedicated engineering support from our team
  • Our products are the result of long-term industry experience

Vuzix Engineering Services

Custom Optics, Waveguides and Display Engines for your OEM Smart Glasses Solutions

Working with Vuzix

Augmented reality is an adaptable technology with the potential to bring new functionality across industries. However, to be adapted it still needs engineering. We work with clients to provide solutions unique to them.

AR is growing a healthy reputation throughout the world of enterprise as providing future-focused solutions. Several major companies across industries have used Vuzix technology in their innovative business practices. Using Vuzix as an OEM partner guarantees quality without the risk and cost associated with your own research, development and production of hardware.

Previous partnerships have included the US Department of Defense and creating heads-up displays for the automotive industry. We can take long-lasting solutions from idea to implementation in a short time-frame.

Main Benefits

  • Hire experts with industry-leading experience
  • Proven track record
  • Experienced in working with global companies and small - medium organizations
  • High-quality products and solutions
  • Quick time to execution

Micro-sized Projection Display Engines

Integrate the world's tiniest mircoLED projector into your solution.


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Our technology can be your technology

Our innovations and solutions are why Vuzix partners include major tech companies and the US Department of Defense. Find out more about how we can work with you to improve operations.

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