View the Future with Award Winning Smart Glasses and Video iWear®

M300 Smart Glasses – Next Generation for Enterprise

Perfect for Enterprise, the M300 delivers enhanced functionality for commercial applications varying from field service to logistics to manufacturing and more. The new M300 design is based on a common core platform using the Intel Atom processor and operates on both Android and iOS platforms.

M3000 Smart Glasses – Advanced Waveguide Optics

The next generation of M3000 Smart Glasses features advanced waveguide optics with the latest Vuzix 1.4 mm thin waveguide optics. It has a custom WVGA linear DLP “Cobra” display engine, delivers the same “hands free” digital world as the M300 processor and operates on both Android and iOS platforms. COMING 2017

3000 Series of Smart Glasses

View the future through Vuzix’ waveguide optics and get a sneak peak at three remarkable new products. Vuzix is developing three new products in our 3000 Series of Smart Glasses: the VidWear B3000; the VidWear B3000 Wireless, and the AR3000 with Augmented Reality. COMING 2017

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