Workflow optimizing smart glasses your frontline will love to wear

A heads-up AR display built exclusively for pairing with your iOS or Android device, Vuzix Z100 smart glasses are poised to take centerstage as the ultimate interface between AI optimization tools and human workers. They render workflow guidance and IOT device information available at a glance. As the first AR solution that looks and wears exactly like a standard set of glasses, this technology also bridges the all-important fashion gap as an all-day wearable. Vuzix Z100 smart glasses are a wearable your frontline workers will want to wear.

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VUZIX Z100 Technical Specifications


  • Display resolution: 640x480 monochrome green
  • Display type: microLED waveguide
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
  • Field of View: 30°
  • Right eye display
  • Prescription inserts available


  • Internal battery
  • 2+ days run-time


  • Temple Touch tap sensor


  • Bluetooth Low Energy


  • Access to our complete Android and iOS SDKs, Vuzix Connect demo apps, and sample code.

This is a developer’s edition intended for expediting the development of purpose-driven applications. Vuzix Z100 smart glasses do not come with any pre-installed applications.

Expand the capabilities of your equipment, extend the power of your team

Vuzix Z100 smart glasses are made to pair via Bluetooth to augment Android or iOS IOT devices. Tasks with sub-standard user feedback due to device or process limitations can now have their workflows displayed in a user’s heads up smart glasses, providing convenient outputs and real-time updates.

Developers, It’s Your Turn

Get in on the ground floor developing the next phase of human augmentation in the workplace and beyond. This release of the Vuzix Z100 is expressly for developers pioneering a more connected workforce. From scanners to medical equipment, an entire ecosystem of Bluetooth enabled workplace devices is set to receive an AR interface right in your eye. Tap into the power of AI, AR, and a hands-free workforce with Vuzix Z100 developer’s edition.


Learn more about Vuzix Z100 AI-enabling smart glasses.

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Learn more about Vuzix Z100 AI-enabling smart glasses.

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