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Vuzix represents over 20 years of experience and innovation.

Vuzix CEO Paul Travers shares his insights on next generation smart glasses technologies including the world’s smallest MicroLED projector engine at the 18th SID/DSCC Business Conference.

Vuzix Waveguides, Optics and Display Engines

Industry-leading technology

Vuzix is a leader in Optics technology for near eye displays and one of the largest suppliers of smart glasses in the world. We have a reputation across the smart glasses industry for creating market-leading technology and high-quality products that is protected by 146 patents and patents pending.

Our smart glasses and component technologies are the result of extensive research, design, and development, which we then supplement through OEM partnerships with major tech companies. Our light thin and ergonomic Waveguide designs coupled with our innovative optics for display engines create some of the most desirable and adaptable products.

We provide full customer ready solutions, modular sub-systems, or even full custom Waveguide with display engine designs.


Our world-class research and development have resulted in market-leading Waveguide optic technology. Our world class optics team specializes in custom solutions from full system designs to basic Waveguides for use in third party solutions. We are experts at directing the light where it needs to be in a compact, efficient package.

Vuzix is at the forefront of the smart glasses industry, providing smaller, lighter and more efficient display engines to the market. We provide high-resolution displays without obstruction.

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Smart glasses employing Waveguide-based optics have many enterprise and commercial uses such as warehousing, remote support, manufacturing, navigation, entertainment, gaming and learning. The possibilities for this technology are constantly growing and evolving with the changing demands of industry.

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Vuzix Technology & Partnerships

Our technology can be your technology

Find out more about how Vuzix Waveguides can fit the needs of your products and customers. Partnering with us will give you first-hand access to our most advanced technologies in optics and smart glasses. We have a great record of partnership with companies from various industries, finding solutions for complex needs. From industry to consumers, we have the right solution for you.

Micro-sized Projection Display Engines

Integrate the world's tiniest mircoLED projector into your solution.


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