Getting started with Vuzix iwear video headphones and steamvr

Lets Get Started

We have created a step by step guide to help the gaming enthusiasts get started with the unparalleled experience of SteamVR powered by Vuzix iWear Video Headphones

1. Installation

A. Install Steam.

B. Install SteamVR.

C. Install Vuzix VR-Manager.

D. Run Extended Calibrator.

E. Configure/Calibrate/Zero set the i-Wear and verify it is operational as per manual.

F. Exit Extended Calibrator.

2. Download the "SteamVR Plug-in" VZX file:

A. Open the VZX File.

B. The VR-Manager will ask you if you want to import the "SteamVR Plug-in" VZX file. Select "Yes"

C. Right Click on the highlighted title "SteamVR Plug-in for i-Wear"

D. Select the "Enable" option.

E. The Yellow Light should now be a Green Light. If not check the VR-Manager's log-file for errors.

F. Exit VR-Manager

3. Open the SteamVR control panel via the Blue SteamVR icon on your desktop.

4. Run the "Room Setup" utility and select (Standing only).

A. Place the i-Wear at your Zero Set orientation.

B. Enter 125cm for "CALIBRATE FLOOR" height.

5. Install SteamVR Titles with OpenVR support.

6. To override the default driver settings the following section needs to be added to the "Steamvr.VRSettings" file.

A. Look in: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config" for "steamvr.vrsettings" file.

B. Add the following section and key values.

"driver_iWear" : {

"cameraFOVBottomDegrees" : 25.300,

"cameraFOVLeftDegrees" : 49.900,

"cameraFOVRightDegrees" : 49.900,

"cameraFOVTopDegrees" : 25.300,

"enable" : true,

"displayName" : "Vuzix-iWear"

"windowX" : 0

"windowY" : 0

"windowWidth" : 1280

"windowHeight" : 720

"renderWidth" : 640

"renderHeight" : 720

"secondsFromVsyncToPhotons" : 0.100

"displayFrequency" : 60.02

"ipd" : 0.036


C. If you are using other drivers with the i-Wear Add the folling key value to the "steamvr" section.

"steamvr" : {

"activateMultipleDrivers" : true,


7. Enjoy!

A. Run <SteamVR dashboard>

B. Select SteamVR titles as normal.

C. Select the option to 'Run "Title name" in Steam VR model'.


A. Head tracking will work via the SteamVR OpenVR driver interface. WARNING: Some of the Steam VR titles in the store do not support the OpenVR standard.

B. The i-Wear must be in stereo side x side mode to view in stereo properly.

C. Some applications will require hand controllers and other details to function properly with the i-Wear.

D. Both 32 and 64 bit versions of the "sample_iWear.dll" driver are required to ensure the driver loads.

E. Check in the "vrserver.txt" file for a debug log that looks like below notice the "win64" directory.

Look in here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs" for "vrserver.txt"

F. log excerpt...

"Loaded server driver iWear (IServerTrackedDeviceProvider_002) from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers\iWear\bin\win64\driver_iWear.dll" "Thu Jul 21 2016 08:27:49.175 - Active HMD set to iWear.IWR-Vuzix"

G. The Drivers.cfg file MUST have your driver section named (Properly, it is a directory reference).

Look in here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers" for "drivers.cfg"

H. When you run the SteamVR RoomSetup utility do the following:

1. Place the i-Wear at your zero set orientation.

2. Enter 120 cm for your desktop height.

I. The "Razer Hydra pc gaming motion sensing controllers" have been tested with the i-Wear system.

J. "InMindVR:" does not require hand controllers and will operate with just the i-Wear system drivers.

Just Look at the start button and your session begins.

K. At times when applications are changing video modes.

You may need to select/press the stereo mode button on the i-wear to ensure the i-wear is in side x side mode.

L. "Elite Dangerous:" Can be configured to work with this release of the SteamVR OpenVR driver.

Details to configure Elite.

1. Our computer system was a very strong rendering engine with a 3.6 GHz Core-i7 processor GTX 980.

See minimum system specs for Elite when running in VR-MODE.

2. Your desktop monitor and the i-Wear's video display must be setup in Extended mode.

i-Wear Monitor = #1 @ 1280 x 720

System Monitor = #2 @ 1920 x 1080

3. In our testing we setup the i-Wear as the Primary(Main) display, and the system monitor as the Secondary.

4. Under the "Display" Options in Elite we selected "Primary" as the HMD to render to.

5. Under 3D check "HMD(Speakers)

6. We tested both Windowed and FullScreen modes.

7. Once Elite starts up, you need to ensure the "Elite(Client)" window has focus. Click on the window to set focus.

This will ensure keyboard mouse and gamecontroller inputs get to Elite.

8. At this point your Elite should be rendering stereo images to the i-Wear monitor and a mono image to the client window on your main monitor.

9. You can Adjust the FOV parameters as described in #8 above.

M. The status field of "SteamVR Plug-in for i-Wear" must read "enabled" to enable Vuzix Eyewear support.

N. If 'SteamVR' is not installed on your system you will not be able to enable steamVR titles.

O. The 'SteamVR' titles must support the OpenVR steam API driver interface to be able to enable Vuzix Eyewear support.

P. The "SteamVR Plug-in for i-Wear" extension does not require OSVR server to be running.

VUZIX    STEAM® VR    Supported Titles

Experience unparalleled steamVR compatibility wiht our iWear Video Headphones

Below is the latest of featured SteamVR titles that are supported with the iWEAR video headphones. We are continuously tested more titles and updating this list. Check back for latest updates.

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