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Resolved M300 OS Version 1.4 - Release Notes
1.4 | Jul 31, 2018 | M300 Team

Jul 31, 2018  |  1.4    M300 OS 1.4 Release Notes Implemented a redesigned WiFi supplicant to improve connection performance on both the 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi bands. This will require a network setting reset following the update, which will be performed automatically and existing settings will be restored. Enabled head presence detection with the proximity sensors, which will wake or sleep the device as it worn or removed from a users head. This can be disabled in settings, and is enabled by default. Implemented a mechanism to allow for updating the OS of devices locally from flash storage. Implemented a broadcast notification to alert when the hot-swap battery is connected or disconnected. Implemented a mechanism to display release notes during an OTA update. Implemented the ability to view the EULA from the Settings menu. Removed several irrelevant options from the Settings menu.

Resolved M300 OS Version 1.3 - Release Notes
1.3 | May 15, 2018 | M300 Team

May 15, 2018  |  1.3    M300 OS 1.3 Release Notes Applied security patches to bring the M300 OS up to compliance as of April 2018. For more information on these security bulletins, refer to the official Android Security Bulletin page here. Speech Recognition Changes Added preliminary support for German, Spanish, French, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese languages for the stock M300 voice commands. Additional tuning will be performed on these commands moving forward to continue to improve recognition performance. Custom commands can be created in these languages as well, but will require additional speech tuning to optimize performance. Added SDK function to allow monitoring of the recognizer entering or existing listening mode. Added SDK function to allow programmatic exiting of listening mode. Audio Subsystem Changes Improved noise cancellation performance. Optimized the manner in which audio was being buffered by the audio subsystem, resulting in improved audio quality overall as well as speech recognition performance. Integrated mock GPS provider directly into M300 OS to support Bluetooth GPS receivers natively. Implemented a number of changes to address areas of the M300 UI which were unusable with available input methods. Optimized M300 Launcher to reduce CPU utilization. Implemented a number of fixes to address areas of functionality with the AirWatch MDM which were not working properly. Reduced verbosity of runtime logs by removing irrelevant entries.  Fixed other minor bugs.

Resolved M300 OS Version 1.2.7 - Release Notes
1.2.7 | May 07, 2018 | M300 Team

May 07, 2018  |  1.2.7    M300 1.2.7 Release Notes Hotfix to correct an incorrectly expiring license for the Speech Recognition service on the M300. These licenses are non-expiring and will remain valid for the duration of the effective use of the M300 device.

Resolved M300 OS Version 1.2.5 - Release Notes
1.2.5 | Feb 07, 2018 | M300 Team

Feb 07, 2018  |  1.2.5    M300 1.2.5 Release Notes Applied security patches to bring the M300 OS up to compliance as of January 2018. For more information on these security bulletins, refer to the official Android Security Bulletin page here. Barcode Scanning Changes Added new digitally zoomed and cropped resolution option which offers significantly improved scanning range. Scanning WiFi QR codes while WiFi is disabled will now enable WiFi and enroll the device to the network. Scanning QR codes containing website URLs will now automatically launch the browser and load the page instead of requiring manual user input. Speech SDK Changes Added mechanism to allow the recognizer to be triggered via an API call. Added mechanism to allow for registration of additional commands in realtime, no longer requiring the device to be rebooted. Fixed a bug where the numeric keyboard was not being properly presented to users when setting up a PIN lockscreen. Implemented changes to dialogue scrolling behavior to be more consistent and intuitive.

Resolved M300 OS Version 1.2.4 - Release Notes
1.2.4 | Dec 14, 2017 | M300 Team

Dec 14, 2017  |  1.2.4    M300 1.2.4 Release Notes Applied security patches to bring the M300 OS up to compliance as of November 2017. This includes patches to address the Blueborne (Bluetooth) and KRACK (WiFi) vulnerabilities. For more information on these security bulletins, refer to the official Android Security Bulletin page here. Implemented a mechanism to allow for the disabling of individual menu items in Settings, such as OTA, Factory Reset, etc. Implemented an updated mechanism to allow for the disabling of individual applications without requiring root access. Modified the UI of the Camera application to properly rotate the Capture/Record button when the M300 is left-side mounted. Modified various UI components which were previously inaccessible with the M300 buttons and touchpad. Added certifications for Brazil and Mexico to the regulatory listings page in Settings.

Resolved M300 OS Version 1.2.3 - Release Notes
1.2.3 | Nov 15, 2017 | M300 Team

Nov 15, 2017  |  1.2.3    M300 1.2.3 Release Notes Added a new notification mechanism for OTA updates. This mechanism will by default display a pop up notification when the M300 is connected to a WiFi network and a new OTA update is available. By default, this pop-up will appear only once for each power cycle of the M300. It is also possible to change this to show only a traditional notification in the notification bar, which will disable the pop up notification, as well as disable this OTA check mechanism entirely. For further detail on how to manage this feature, please refer to the M300 FAQ entry labeled “How can I manage the OTA update notifications on my M300?” Added improved error messaging for OTA failures. Added a new stock application to the M300 carousel which will open the Notifications drawer. This was previously accessible only via an option in the Power menu of the M300. Added audio source MediaRecorder.AudioSource.VOICE_RECOGNITION to allow easier integration of third party voice recognition engines. Modified behavior of battery status icon in the notification bar to more clearly indicate when the M300 is powered via the USB Power Adaptor. Modified power LED behavior so that it will blink in charging mode. The power LED is located on the outside face of the M300 main unit by the power button. Enabling Speech Recognition will no longer require a device reboot. Fixed an issue where digital zoom levels in the camera could reset under certain circumstances. Fixed an issue where certain camera parameters could cause the preview to appear blank.

Resolved M300 OS Version 1.2.2 - Release Notes
1.2.2 | Sep 19, 2017 | M300 Team

Sep 19, 2017  |  1.2.2    M300 OS Version 1.2.2 Release Notes Modified camera modes up to 720p to be more efficient for video and rapid still capture, with the goal of optimizing video streaming performance. Patched an issue with audio which could cause audio defects under certain circumstances. Modified battery initialization value on boot to avoid erroneous low-battery warnings. Modified shutdown logic to reduce power consumption when M300 is powered off and remains connected to the hot-swap battery. Added expanded Speech Recognition capability, allowing for the creation of custom application-specific commands to be defined.

Resolved M300 OS Version 1.2.1 - Release Notes
1.2.1 | Aug 09, 2017 | M300 Team

Aug 09, 2017  |  1.2.1    M300 1.2.1 Release Notes Significantly redesigned touchpad firmware to improve responsiveness and accuracy of touchpad input, with a particular focus on the up/down gesture behavior. Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances the battery state of the M300 would read improperly as having no charge during the boot process, causing the M300 to shut down. Patched the M300 Camera driver to address remaining cases under which auto-focus would fail. Updated the ‘Build Number’ field under Settings > About smart glasses to reflect the current M300 OS version at the end of the string. The field will now show information in the format <Base Android Version>.<Timestamp> <OS version>.

Resolved M300 General Release - OS Version 1.2
1.2 | Jun 26, 2017 | M300 Team

Jun 26, 2017  |  1.2    The release of our most recent OS Version for the M300 brings with it a number of critical improvements we have been working on for some time, as well as some important bugfixes.  The most significant component of this release is an upgraded audio subsystem which includes major improvements to the audio functionality of the M300. Improved Noise Cancellation - This will dramatically improve the usability of the M300 in noisy environments, including more reliable voice command recognition, as well as much clearer audio for communication purposes. Dual Audio Paths - This upgraded subsystem includes the addition of a dual audio path solution which will allow for simultaneous use of our voice recognition engine while also streaming or recording audio. These dual audio paths are filtered with different algorithms, one intended for human consumption with streaming audio use cases, and the other intended for machine processing for voice recognition. Applications will be able to leverage both of these audio streams, but the secondary stream will be leveraged by our voice recongnition engine by default. Another significant change to note is a change we have made to the behavior of the touchpad on the M300. The default behavior of the touchpad will now leverage douple taps for the select gesture, in place of the single tap gesuture previous used. This will all but eliminate the problem of unintended tap input, and allow us to pursue additional modifications to the logic of the touchpad driver to improve the consistency and reliability of swipe gestures in future releases. Additional changes listed below.  Fixed an issue which was causing a delay in readings from the orientation sensors.  Fixed an issue where artifacting would occur in preview images from the camera under certain circumstances.  Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances the M300 would erroneously flag highly filtered/secure networks as not having internet connectivity and thus not properly reconnect and resulting in repeated erroneous user notifications.  Fixed an issue impacting the use of recent releases of the Vuforia and OpenCV engines.  Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances the flashlight LED would stay on when device is powered off.  Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances the M300 would not properly wake up from sleep, which would require a reboot of the device.  Added button combination to boot the M300 into fastboot mode.  Added support for buttons to navigate the UI in fastboot and bootloader modes.  Added notification which will inform users when certain camera features have been disabled when the M300 is low on power.  Enabled a new UI screen to inform the user of progress while updates are being applied during an OTA update.

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