How large is the Blade's display?

The Blade's display is currently configured as a 480x480p square which occupies 19 degrees of the right eye field of view (FOV). This square display can be positioned anywhere in the 28 degree vertical Waveguide on the device. 

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How can I navigate the Blade user interface?

  • The Blade has one physical button which is the power button. This button can be used to power ON and power OFF the Blade. It also has a touchpad on the right temple. All the interactions with the Blade are done using this touchpad as gestures.
  • For details on Blade gestures, refer to the Blade Quick Start Guide.
  • The Blade has two LEDs. The green power LED is the visual indicator that the Blade is powered ON or if the Blade is being charged. The red recording LED is the visual indicator that the camera app is being accessed or a video is being recorded by the Blade.

Can I use voice commands to control the Blade?

Yes, to enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Device > Speech Recognition - Select "Turn On".

The commands available to control the device are as follows:

  • "Hello Vuzix" - Blade speech engine starts listening
  • "Go Left" / "Move Left" - Basic directional navigation
  • "Go Right" / "Move Right" -  Basic directional navigation
  • "Go Up" / "Move Up" - Basic directional navigation
  • "Go Down" / "Move Down" - Basic directional navigation
  • "Pick This" / "Select This"  / "Confirm" / "Okay" / "Open" -  Activates the item that currently has focus
  • "Scroll Left" - Scrolls left until you say "stop"
  • "Scroll Right" - Scrolls right until you say "stop"
  • "Scroll Up" - Scrolls up until you say "stop"
  • "Scroll Down" - Scrolls down until you say "stop"
  • "Go to Sleep" - Puts blade to sleep
  • "Cancel" / "Close" / "Go Back" / "Done" - Navigates backward in the history stack
  • "Go Home" / "Quit" / "Exit" - Sends you to Home Screen
  • "Stop" -  Stop while scrolling
  • "Show Menu" -  Brings up context menu for current UI screen
  • "Next" - Takes you the next page (app-dependent)
  • "Previous" - Takes you the previous page (app-dependent)
  • "Go Forward" - Takes you forward (app-dependent)
  • "Page Up" - Takes you one page up
  • "Page Down" - Takes you one page down
  • "Volume Up" - Turns volume up by 5
  • "Volume Down" - Turns volume down by 5
  • "Speech Settings" - Sends you to speech settings menu
  • "Speech Commands" / "Command List" - Shows you the list of speech commands available
  • "Hey Google" - Opens Google Assistant (if installed)
  • "Hey Alexa" - Opens Alexa Assistant (if installed)
  • "Get Assistant" - Opens preferred installed assistant 
  • "Start Recording" - Opens the Camera app from any interface on Blade. Use the command 'Select This' or 'Pick This' to start recording.
  • "Take a Picture" - Opens the Camera app from any interface on Blade. Use the command 'Select This' or 'Pick This' to take a picture.
  • "View Notifications" / "Open Notifications" - Sends you the list of notifications
  • "Clear Notifications" - Delete all the notifications
  • "Voice Off" - Blade stops listening

To disable this feature, navigate to Settings > Device > Speech Recognition - Select "Turn Off".

What Connectivity features does Blade provide?

  • The Blade provides USB connectivity for development, MTP/PTP for media transfer(Pictures/Videos). Blade also provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

What Wi-Fi bands does Blade support?

  • The Blade can connect to any Wi-Fi that provides the 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi bands.

What is maximum SD-Card size supported on Blade?

  • The Blade is compatible with any size Micro-SD Cards as long as they are formatted as FAT32.
  • For more information on how to enable Micro-SD Cards larger than 32GB, please contact us here.

What are the camera specifications on Blade?

  • Blade camera is 8MP camera with 720p 30fps or 1080p 24fps video recording capabilities.

How can I transfer files to/from the Blade?

  • To transfer files from the Blade via USB, you will first need to change the USB mode in Settings to MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) or PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) mode. This can be accessed in Settings under USB Mode. Once enabled, you will be able to navigate the filesystem on the Blade when plugged into a PC via USB as a standard USB storage device.

Where can I download the Companion App?

You can download the Companion App right now for iPhone in the Apple App Store, or you can download the Companion App for Android in the Google Play Store.

Why don't my pictures/videos show up in my companion app?

To troubleshoot issues loading pictures/videos in the companion app, confirm both the Vuzix Blade and the companion app are updated to the latest release, then follow the recommendations specific to your device below:

For Android devices:

  • Ensure WiFi is enabled on the mobile device and the Blade
  • Ensure the Blade is powered on and connected to the mobile device

For iOS devices:

  • Ensure WiFi is enabled on the mobile device and the Blade
  • Ensure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network
  • Ensure the Blade is powered on and connected to the mobile device

How can I link my Blade to the Companion app?

The Companion App is available for your Vuzix Blade and it can be installed on your iOS or Android smartphones. The Companion App enables easy setup and customization of your Blade and manages the communication link between the Blade and your smart phone. It also has features like photo transfer, configuring the settings and installing applications.

To download the companion app for,

Once you install the Companion app on your smartphone, follow the below steps to connect your Blade with the installed Companion app.

  1. Start the Companion app on your smartphone. Hit 'Start Setup' to start link procedure.
  2. Agree to the Vuzix Terms of Service.
  3. The Welcome screen explains the steps involved in the setup process. Hit Next.
  4. The next screens explains the basic gestures available on your Blade. When comfortable hit Next to the link screen.
  5. The link screen show the QR-Code using which you can link to the Blade. On your Blade navigate to the Settings > Connectivity and tap on Companion Link.
  6. If Bluetooth on Blade is disabled, notice 'Bluetooth Required' screen. On that screen swipe and tap Yes. Notice the Camera gets turned on with message 'Looking for QR code in Blade's Companion app'. Now you will be able to scan the QR-Code on the smartphone.
  7. Once the QR-Code code is scanned, the Blade will verify the link and show a status 'Linked' on both your smartphone and 'Connected' on your Blade. Click on on the smartphone.
  8. The next step is to personalize. You can name your Blade, for example 'Joe's Blade'. This new name will be your Blade's Bluetooth Name. Hit Next when done.
  9. Next step is to customize the notifications that show up on your Blade. Enable or disable any app's notification by toggling the buttons. Hit Next when done.
  10. Finally, the tutorial explains the more advance gestures on Blade.

If your smartphone or Blade are not in range (or Bluetooth is off or Airplane mode is on) you will see a disconnect icon on your Blade and a disconnect message on your Companion app. When both devices come in range (or Bluetooth is on) they automatically are connected.

Also see the video to understand the process better.

How can I perform a software update on the Blade?

The Blade has the ability to perform a Software update over-the-air (OTA). Note: performing a an update to the Blade OS will not remove or erase any of your personal data (photos, videos, settings and apps).

To perform a software update on your Blade, ensure the device's battery is charged to at least 50% and is connected to the internet (Wi-Fi).

When connected to the internet, the Blade will automatically check for updates at the frequency selected and display a message if one is available.

You can also manually trigger a check for updates via the Blade Software Update menu or on the Companion App.

To check and update your Blade follow the below instructions: 

From the Companion App:

Ensure the Blade is currently connected to the Companion App on your smartphone. Click on Settings tab, scroll down and click on the "Software Update" option.

Clicking on 'Check for Software Update' will check if there is a new Software version available. If no updates are available, you will be prompted with a message indicating 'Your Blade software is up to date'. If an update is available, a status message will show up with release notes explaining the contents of the new version. Note: The ability to initiate the Software update of the Blade OS from Companion App is currently not implemented. To initiate the update, follow the steps below.

From within the Blade Settings App:

On your Blade, navigate to Settings > System Software Update.

Clicking on the 'Check for updates' option will check if there is a new Software version available. If there are no updates available, a toast message will appear indicating as such. If there is an update available, you will be prompted with a dialog saying new updates are available for your Blade. The dialog will guide your through the process of Downloading the Software Update, Verifying it and later installing. As part of this process, the Blade will reboot after the install.

What is Speech Recognition?

Speech Recognition is a software program that will listen to a user's voice and perform actions based on spoken commands. Speech Recognition allows the user to navigate around the Blade's UI and launch certain apps without touching the device. Individual apps can extend this functionality by using the Vuzix Speech SDK.

How do I enable Speech Recognition on the Blade?

Speech Recognition can be enabled from the Settings app on the Blade or by using the Blade Companion App. On the Blade, go to Settings > Device > Speech Recognition and select the microphone icon to enable or disable Speech Recognition. In the Blade Companion App, Speech Recognition can be enabled or disabled on a linked and connected Blade by going to the Settings tab > Speech Recognition and tapping the "Enable" control.

When Speech Recognition is first enabled, it will be listening for the trigger phrase "Hello Vuzix". After Speech Recognition hears the phrase "Hello Vuzix", an icon showing a microphone inside a circle will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen. This indicates that Speech Recognition is ready to listen for your commands. When you are finished using Speech Recognition, use the command "Voice Off" to deactivate Speech Recognition. Upon hearing this phrase, the listening icon should disappear and Speech Recognition will resume listening for the trigger phrase "Hello Vuzix". Speech Recognition will automatically deactivate itself after a certain amount of time with no voice activity.

Speech Recognition can also be activated by using a tap on the left side of the Blade. This feature must be enabled on the Speech Recognition page in the Settings app before it will be available. Activating Speech Recognition using a tap operates the same as saying the trigger phrase "Hello Vuzix". The sensitivity of this trigger can also be adjusted on the Speech Recognition page in the Settings app.

What Speech Recognition commands can I say?

Commands fall into two categories: navigation and actions.

Navigation commands such as "move right" or "move left" will act much the same as a touchpad swipe in those directions. These are associated with a standard keyboard key press. Action commands such as "take a picture" or "go to sleep" will perform a specific action that does not map to a keyboard key press. These will do more complex actions, like launching an app or putting the device to sleep. Some example commands are listed below:

  • Navigation: move left, move right, go back, go home, select this
  • Action: take a picture, start recording, go to sleep, get assistant

A full list of commands is available in the Speech Recognition page in the Settings app, or in the Speech Recognition section of the Settings tab in the Blade Companion App.

Can I make my own Speech Recognition commands?

The base set of speech commands cannot be changed. However, developers who are writing an app for the Blade can use the Vuzix Speech SDK to interact with Speech Recognition and set their own custom vocabulary of commands. These commands will not be available to other apps running on the device.

Does Speech Recognition record what I say?

Speech Recognition needs to capture audio input from the microphone in order to process spoken commands. Speech Recognition does not store this audio data in any form after processing a command.

Does Speech Recognition require an internet connection?

Speech Recognition on the Blade operates entirely offline and does not require an internet connection.

Can I use Speech Recognition to launch a digital assistant?

If a digital assistant is installed on the Blade, then the command "get assistant" will launch it. While the assistant is listening to the microphone, Speech Recognition will not be available. Note that digital assistants may require internet access and may record your audio data to the cloud.

Can I use other apps that record audio, like the Camera, while using Speech Recognition?

Speech Recognition cannot be used at the same time as another app that records audio. While Speech Recognition is enabled, any app that requests audio input will cause Speech Recognition to stop listening. Once that app is finished using the audio input, Speech Recognition will be automatically re-enabled.

What is the maximum length video I can record?

  • Videos can be recorded up to a 4GB limit 
  • Dependent on settings selected on the Blade, this can range from 1.5-2.5hrs

Do I need an Amazon Prime Account to use Alexa on the Blade?

No, a standard Amazon account will give you access to the majority of the features offered with the Alexa service on the Blade.

Why is my Amazon Alexa Beta app not working?

The Amazon Alexa app has now been officially certified by Amazon. As such, the Beta program has ended.

Please uninstall the Alexa Beta application and install the newly available production version of the Alexa application to take advantage of the full set of features available with Alexa on the Blade.

To uninstall, navigate to the Alexa Beta app listed in the Installed Apps tab of the Blade companion app. Select the gear icon and press uninstall. 

Upon completion, you can install the production version of Amazon Alexa from the companion app for the Vuzix Blade!

If you encounter any issues or have further questions, please contact our Technical Support Team.

How do I use the Amazon Alexa app on my Blade?

To get started using Alexa, please review our quick start guide.

You can install the Amazon Alexa app for Blade from apps tab on the Blade's companion app.

For more information or to report an issue, please contact our Technical Support Team.

Why is there no sound coming out of my Vuzix Bluetooth headphones?

To properly connect the Vuzix Blade to the included Bluetooth headphones, first ensure that the Blade has the Bluetooth Audio Mode set to Audio Source.

Secondly, navigate into the Bluetooth headset icon to ensure the Headset and Audio Source indicators are listed as connected. (If disconnected, tap to connect)

Lastly, confirm the volume setting of the device, adjust to your preference.

My Mac will not let me open/Run Vuzix View

Vuzix View its an official Vuzix product that allow you to view and control your Vuzix Devices from your PC or Mac.

As a Vuzix Product it has been tested and signed as an application from Vuzix Corporation. 

But depending on the level of security your MacOS has enabled, the OS might report the app is not secure. 

To allow the application to run follow the steps below that are recommended by Apple. 


What is the power rating of the battery?

Can you lock a Blade with a PIN?

Yes, you can find this settings in Settings> Personal> Security> Screen lock> Pin.