Academic Program

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The Vuzix Academic Program demonstrates Vuzix’ commitment to assist post-secondary students, educators and institutions with the exploration and implementation of the many technologies available through Vuzix eyewear products. To assist students and educators, Vuzix has made a number of its most popular audio/video, virtual reality and augmented reality eyewear products available at substantial discounts. This program is open to accredited US and Canadian public or private universities or colleges that grant degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study. Membership is free, renewable annually, and enables the purchase of (1) of each participating products per annual term.


The Vuzix Academic Program and its benefits are available to accredited Canadian and US post-secondary institutions, instructors and students subject to the following terms and conditions.


The Vuzix Academic Program is open to Accredited Postsecondary Institutions* and instructors actively engaged in class instruction, and students currently enrolled in classes at those institutions.

Accredited Postsecondary Institutions:

Applicants must provide proof of eligibility, as prescribed on the Membership Application Form, such as a current student card, or instructor profile on the institution’s official website. Students must be enrolled in full or part-time studies at a qualifying educational institution. Instructors must be employed full or part-time studies at a qualifying educational institution in an instructional capacity. Restrictions Academic Program purchases are limited to one of each part number per annual membership term. Product sold through the Vuzix Academic Program is for direct use by Academic Program Members only and may not be resold or its ownership transferred. Product warranty and all other conditions and terms of sale are non-transferable. Academic Discounts are available on only the products currently listed in the Academic Programs Order Forms and those products as subject to change at any time. Vuzix Corporation reserves rights to determine eligibility, acceptance, and alter any aspect of this program, including cancellation of the program at any time, without notice.

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