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The benefits of smart glasses are evident throughout the manufacturing industry. This is an industry feeling the effects of a skills gap. Out of approximately 3.4 million manufacturing jobs which will become available over the next decade, only 1.4 million are expected to be filled.

AR smart glasses ease some of the pressure on the manufacturing industry, including in training and continued staff development. Consistent training can be provided through set programs. In the manufacturing process, high accuracy is achieved through checklists and displayed instructions.

Industry Benefits

  • Manufacture high-quality products with a reduction in error rates
  • Deliver precise training to all employees
  • Ensure all processes are strictly followed with clear text, illustrations and video instructions
  • Shorter training periods
  • Monitor Internet of Things (IoT) through display
  • Hands-free for convenience during tasks

Work Instructions

Vuzix smart glasses are an instructor on-the-go. Ensure everyone receives the same detailed instructions for tasks, resulting in higher quality across the board.

Video/Step Confirmation & Quality Assurance

With instructions displayed step-by-step, there is a reduced error rate for tasks. This real-time checklist, combined with video recording, allows for thorough quality assurance.

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