Smart Swim Instructional Videos

Our team put together some videos so you can learn the basics of your Vuzix Smart Swim works. Learn about its features and how the device and software work.

1. What’s in the box

Inform Users What's in the Box.

  • Case,
  • Safety and warrantee guide,
  • Users guide,
  • Smart swim unit,
  • Six floaties,
  • Usb charge cable,
  • Battery pack - not waterproof,
  • Zip lock with grappling tool and bungees
    • Bungees @ extra small, small, medium, large, extra large.
  • Y-splitter for sharing charge port,
  • TYR goggles attached to Smart Swim Unit.

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Smart Swim Assembly Diagram

Vuzix Labs Smart Swim

Smart Swim® is a head-up display for swimmers, providing workout status and information about their swim. This enables users to continue uninterrupted and reach optimum performance.

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