Remote Maintenance Kits

Vuzix has developed a comprehensive field service travel case for your smart glasses. The new Battery Travel Case can distribute power for up to 4 smart glasses, portable power banks, hotspots, and other small devices.

M400 Maintenance Kit

Our M400 Maintenance Kit includes some of our top-selling accessories plus the Battery Travel Case. The case is designed to house the large capacity power bank and USB distribution to recharge your M400 head-mounted batteries. The kit includes:

  • M400 Smart Glasses
  • Battery Travel Case
  • Vuzix Remote Assist Trial
  • Safety Glasses Frames (medium size)
  • Headband
  • Hat Mount with Vuzix Hat
  • Power Bank 3350


With the optional Mi-Fi hotspot you can be in communication from anywhere. The certified remanufactered MiFi8000 hotspot has a handy pouch for use and charging. It can be used as a charging device for smart glasses. US Customers only.

With MI-FI*
* this package includes 1 year of connectivity
Without MI-FI

The Remote Maintenance Kit meets all the demanding requirements of field service and other applications by providing all-day power, device protection, convenience, and connectivity. The high capacity power banks distributes power for up to 4 smart glasses, portable power banks, hotspots, and other small devices. The large battery has a convenient level indicator giving a precise battery charge level. The case comes with a USB wall adaptor and charges from an external charging port. The rugged case is designed for travel, protecting all your devices on the road and remote worksites. The smart glasses, head mounts, and battery assembly can be left assembled and dropped in the large rear pouch for convenient access and charging. Your smart glasses will be ready and fully charged the moment you arrive.


Already own a M400 Smart Glasses and all accessories you need, but still don't have the Battery Travel Case? Get the case separatedly for $499.99.

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You can view the complete list of M400 accessories here.

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