Prescription Lens Installation Guide

Your Blade Prescription Lens Kit includes everything you need to customize your new AR smart glasses for maximum utility and comfort. In this page you will find all the information you need to install your Blade Prescription Lenses yourself.
Download Prescription Lens Install Guide

Before Getting Started

  • You’ll need a Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Make sure your workspace is clean and dust-free
  • Thoroughly clean your Blade Smart Glasses with a microfiber cloth (for more, see page 6 of Quick Start Guide)

You will need:

Installing, Removing, & Replacing Lenses:

1 To install new prescription lenses on Blade Smart Glasses already outfitted with retainers, simply and carefully fit the lens on to its corresponding retainer and snap into place.
2 To remove or replace lenses, hold the frames in one hand and use the Lens Removal Tool as shown to carefully pry each lens from its retainer.
Please read the safety section of the user’s manual before using this product.

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