What is Pupilliary Distance (PD)

Pupillary distance (PD) is the measurement between the center of your pupils. Knowing this is important for fitting glasses as it centers your eyes with the lenses. The correct PD and prescription will allow you to get the most out of your Vuzix smart glasses.

How to Measure your Pupillary Distance (PD)

You can either obtain your PD from your optician or measure it yourself at home. It’s simple to do; all you need is a ruler and mirror.

Measure your PD in millimeters. The average range for adults is 54-74mm and 43-54mm for children.

See the graphic below to learn how to measure your PD.

1. Stand a reasonable distance from a mirror. You should be far enough away to read the measurement but close enough to see the ruler’s markings.

2. Hold the ruler above your eyes.

3. Line up the 0 mark of the ruler above the center of your left pupil. To get the best result, close your right eye while centering.

4. Once centered, open your right eye and close your left.

5. While looking straight ahead, measure the distance to the center of your right pupil. This is your PD.

6. Repeat the process several times to be sure you have an accurate measurement which will fully enhance your smart glasses experience.

Getting help from a friend?

If you are measuring your PD with the help of a friend, look straight ahead as they align the ruler with the centers of our pupils. If you look at them it will affect the reading. If you are struggling to not look at them, focus on something just above them while they try to stay out of your field of vision.