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Vuzix Remote Assist

Vuzix Remote Assist

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Vuzix Remote Assist connects your field technicians with your remote experts for real-time video/audio collaboration in a heads-up and hands-free environment enabled by Vuzix smart glasses. Instantaneous knowledge transfer from anywhere on the globe allows you to multiply the effectiveness of your experts as they serve several technicians in the field.

Reduce high training costs while improving first-time fix rates. Reduce truck rolls and eliminate the high costs of travel. Improve up-time and client service levels. VRA provides proven and immediate ROI in a wide variety of use cases.

VRA Benefits
  • Global accessibility for the field technicians and remote experts
  • Quick set up, easy-to-use device
  • Real-time video and audio tool for hands-on demonstrations and collaborations
  • Cut time and money costs for personnel training and commuting
  • VRA is also compatible with Android and iOS smartphones
VRA Bundles

Enjoy a 90-Day Free Trial and then choose from one of our bundle plans:

Number of Users
Up to 3 users
$150 ($50/user)
Up to 5 users
$200 ($40/user)
Up to 10 users
$350 ($35/user)
Up to 25 users
$750 ($30/user)
Up to 50 users
$1,300 ($26/user)
Up to 100 users
$2,300 ($23/user)
Up to 200 users
$4,000 ($20/user)
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