Warehouse Logistics

With hands-free augmented reality (AR) solutions using Vuzix smart glasses, warehouse pickers can finish tasks more quickly and efficiently while reducing mistakes. Vuzix smart glasses improve the process of manual order picking, incoming/outgoing goods, sorting and packing of goods, as well as inventory and deficiencies.

Vuzix smart glasses improve warehousing for staff at all levels. Checklists, pick information and video recording allow for errors to be spotted immediately, enabling a higher level of efficiency. Staff benefit from carrying less equipment and leaving both hands free.

Industry benefits include

  • Decrease average pick time
  • Fewer order mistakes
  • Video feedback to managers
  • Replace the combined function of a bulky scanner and clipboard with one pair of smartglasses

Barcode Scanning

Scan barcodes simply by looking at what you want to scan, this is called vision picking. Smart glasses unique heads-up format make vision picking possible.

Order Picking and Fulfillment

The smart glass connected picker will receive all necessary pick and order information in a convenient heads up format. Instant user feedback on the success of a pick will decrease overall errors.

Video Recording

Recording enables managers to spot errors in picking and inefficiencies in the process. Videos can also be used for interactive training purposes when recruiting new staff.

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