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Connect with experts from anywhere for faster issue resolutions.

Field Service in Action

Smart Glasses Powered Remote Assist

Our Solution

Connecting with experts remotely allows workers to collaborate while away in isolated regions. With this technology, issue resolution is not limited to the availability of experts to travel. People can be contacted based on their expertise rather than location, allowing for a smoother repair, maintenance, or upgrade process.

Remote experts and field service enable remote communities to receive expert help from across the world even with only one person in attendance.

State-of-the-art technology solutions provide how-to guide and instructional videos. The remote experts can help and guide field service personnel by highlighting areas of interest on live video feeds.

Industry Benefits

  • Faster customer response and lower down times
  • Increases in first-time fix-rates
  • Immediate expert insight for issue resolution at the point of inspection
  • Save expert travel costs and commute times
  • Hands-free working to make repairs easier

Remote Support

Remote support provides quick access to experts on demand. Issues can be resolved at the point of discovery without excessive travel costs.

Field Service

Access to full technical support while working in the field increase first-time resolution rates. Hands-free working and minimal travel expenses.


Training and courses can be conducted remotely, directly to a single location or multiple sites with Vuzix smart glasses. Training and supervision can be provided on the job from instructors or senior personnel to a single user or groups of users.

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