Introducing the Vuzix Integration Partner (VIP) Program

What is the Vuzix VIP Program?

The Vuzix Integration Partner (VIP) Program is designed to further recognize and support our most valuable partners. In short, we’re giving developers who are serious about expanding the use of Smart Glasses technology in enterprise environments the opportunity to leverage significant financial, marketing, technology, business support and incentives.

What does it mean to be a Vuzix VIP?

Vuzix has already proven its ability to deliver the leading Smart Glasses hardware in the industry. We are now rewarding application developers – those who are especially committed to Vuzix, and the Smart Glasses industry at large with the best channel support program in the industry.

What does being a VIP do for me?

VIP Members gain early access to the new M300 hardware, receive first access to the initial M300 commercial stock, and get access to co-marketing support, discounts and much, much more.

Here are the seven biggest reasons to be a VIP:

  1. Exclusive VIP Pricing and Terms

    VIP participants will be offered exclusive discounts on Vuzix hardware, from the current M100 and M300 products to the next generation Vuzix™ Blade AR Smart Glasses.
  2. Exclusive VIP Product Access

    VIP participants will gain critical early mover competitive advantage through exclusive pre-market access to the latest Vuzix hardware and SDK packages, enabling them to develop, upgrade, and test first-to-market technology.
  3. Exclusive Global Sales Certification

    Unlike standard VAR’s who are approved for resale of Vuzix hardware in specific regions only, VIP developers have access to sell and implement Vuzix product in any country or region where our hardware models are certified.
  4. Priority Sales Leads

    Vuzix actively solicits end client sales leads and Smart Glasses end user inquiries through year-round marketing activity. We qualify those leads and only share them with select VIP developers on an application-appropriate basis.
  5. VIP Key Account Co-marketing Campaigns

    VIP Partners earn opportunities for dedicated co-marketing support that highlight the partner’s application, including exposure through high profile trade events, conferences, content marketing campaigns and public relations.
  6. VIP Exclusive Digital Marketing Support

    VIP participants will receive featured exposure on the Vuzix Website, blog, and social media channels, providing application highlights, case studies, and videos. You will also receive placement on an upgraded version of the current Vuzix App Store which includes a specific section for VIP Partner applications.
  7. VIP Business Services

    VIP members will receive pilot program support, including priority access to Vuzix technical, sales and customer service teams to accelerate development of end-user pilot programs. Additionally, we’ll provide negotiated business services like Vuzix software engineering services, software pre-loads, direct shipping to VIP end-users accounts, development support, distribution and technical support, and contractual terms services.

How does my organization become a Vuzix VIP?

For more information about how to become a Vuzix VIP, please contact us here.

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