Vuzix Blade Customized to Your Prescription

Your favorite smart glasses are now available with prescription lenses, so you can enjoy Blade augmented reality experience at its best.

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* Please note that Vuzix prescriptions are not available in all the countries yet. To find out which devices are available for purchase in your country click here. If your country is not in the dropdown list, it is because we currently do not ship to your country.

Vuzix Blade Prescription Inserts

What you need to know before ordering your Blade prescription inserts

To order you Blade Prescription Inserts you will need the below:

  1. Copy of valid Prescription with physician's information visible.
  2. The following information can be entered during checkout:
    • PD (Pupillary Distance) - Click here to see how to measure your PD.
    • Sphere and Cylinder - Click here to see the acceptable prescription ranges for Blade.
    • Axis

If you are not sure your prescription has all the necessary data, please refer to the below example highlighting the anatomy of a prescription.

Sphere and Cylinder - Acceptable prescription ranges for Blade.

After you receive your inserts, the steps to installing them are documented here: