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Gemvision offers Augmented Reality solutions for hands-on workers

  • Remote assistance: Live video calls and ‘shared vision’ allow for helpdesk services, anything and everywhere.
  • Workforce management: Manage all first line operators, tasks and workflows from one centralized dashboard
  • Digital workflows: Step-by-step visual guides to setup, execute and finish the job, exactly as required
  • Job documentation: Visual proof of quality of job completion, automatically filed and ready for inspection

Using this platform helps all business sectors to optimize processes. This will be realized by using the possibilities of augmented reality glasses / smart glasses.


One dashboard to manage your workforce

This dashboard is a web application with many features like status tracking, activity tracking, custom search engine. It can be to track online glass users, the location where the engineer is working using smart glass GPS and type of activities he is doing for example searching for error code. Within this application the helpdesk can give a video call to the engineer to find out if he needs assistance. All activities of the engineer can be tracked on Gemvisions’ workforce dashboard.

Features offered

Currently Gemvision uses a wide variety of features. These are the functions used in a nutshell:

  • Object recognition: to scan (QR)codes, objects & more.
  • Digital workflows: the step-by-step guides for the operator also allow for training on the job.
  • Live drawing: Where the office operator can draw real-time in the operators’ vision.
  • File sharing: from taking screenshot of the operators’ vision, to sending different kinds of supported files.
  • Live video call: calling and sharing the vision of the operator
  • Remote assistance: on site assistance and information access
  • Instant database access: request files and product information to show on screen.
  • Voice control: hands-free operation and interacting with the digital workflow.


Increase quality and productivity

These solutions can result in a 25% reduction on operational time and a 40% reduction on resolution time. This comes with an increase in safety, work speed and transparency, while bringing errors to a minimum and utilizing your workforce to the fullest.

Gemvisions’ AR platform is still rapidly developing and end-to-end solutions are being developed for different industries. The Vuzix models are mainly used in Health & Pharma, Service & Maintenance.



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