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About Augmenta:

Augumenta develops interaction solutions for wearable electronics. Combining hand gestures and augmented reality, the company’s software enables new ways

for smart glasses users to control applications and devices. Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with a support hub in Taipei, Taiwan, Augumenta licenses its products to global OEMs, enterprise customers, integrators and developers.


The Augumenta Interaction Platform (AIP) SDK brings hand gesture control and virtual surfaces to the hands of enterprise users. These methods are a robust alternative to voice and touch control, and they enable rich data input capabilities in harsh field conditions.


The Augumenta SmartPanel allows users with smart glasses to see information and use hand gestures to operate machine controls on a panel that appears as a blank surface to other people. The easy to set up Augumenta SmartPanel gives enterprise customers and developers an unprecedented level of flexibility paired with privacy and security. The panel is completely configurable in software and only an authorized smart glasses user is able to view panel data and controls. Additionally, panels can contain different information and controls based on the user’s role. This is useful in applications as varied as medical monitoring and diagnostics, industrial machinery control and test/measurement equipment operation.


Virtual surfaces introduce powerful ways to enter and manipulate data. They use the palm as an interactive medium for the user’s finger. Various widgets can be overlayed on the open palm of the user, who can then use his other hand’s finger to manipulate them in a very intuitive way. The Augumenta Interaction Platform provides a number of controls such as buttons, knobs and sliders. The overlay and its controls are fully customizable, allowing developers to have widgets laid out in various layouts and different graphical looks

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