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About Augumenta

Augumenta develops augmented reality applications for enterprises. The company software suite, available on all smartglasses, improves worker productivity by providing real-time visibility on critical production data and allowing touch-free control of machines and processes. Applications built with Augumenta Studio can easily be customized and quickly integrated with IT systems.


Augumenta Studio

Augumenta Studio is a cloud-based tool that allows developers to quickly build device-agnostic Augmented Reality applications using pre-built application templates and libraries that include control elements, meters and gauges, virtual surface tools, and gesture-control motions. Elements are selected and dropped onto the template best suited for the application and types of smartglasses used. The tool supports industrial protocols and IoT platforms. In just a few minutes developers have a ready-to-test application.


The Augumenta SmartPanel 

SmartPanel is a customizable, secure, flexible and costefficient AR user interface to control and monitor local and remote machines in the industry 4.0 environment. And for IoT devices, which may be invisible to users in many work environments, the application is a way to make controls accessible as needed. Changing the paradigm in machine control, SmartPanel allows organizations to present individual users with compact and changeable information and control displays that are more flexible, more reliable and more secure than current solutions.

Augumenta SmartAlert

Augumenta SmartAlert brings a customizable application environment to use cases where workers use monocular display smartglasses such as Vuzix M300. The constrained viewing field of a single-eye display is used to flash alerts from data sources on the shop floor and provide access to simplified controls. With SmartAlert workers can access and react to critical production information instantly.


The Augumenta Interaction Platform (AIP) SDK 

The Augumenta Interaction Platform (AIP) SDK brings hand gesture control and virtual surfaces to the hands of enterprise users. These methods are a robust alternative to voice and touch control, and they enable rich data input capabilities in harsh field conditions. The SDK supports all smartglasses with camera, has three different APIs to choose from and comes with comprehensive documentation and example applications in source code format for each of them. You'll be able to create your first gestureenabled application in no time!


Fast track to industry AR

We aim to make it as simple and quick as possible for you to deploy AR applications on the Digital Factory shop floor. Our applications are designed to be customized by enterprise users with cost-efficiency and fast time-to-market. Improve productivity, quality and safety of your operations and provide your workforce the most innovative and intuitive tools with Augumenta AR application suite.




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