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LogistiVIEW offers a comprehensive computing platform, applying augmented reality (A/R) technology to the everyday tasks of the modern workforce.

The Human Experience Platform consists of the following components:


LogistiVIEW Device 

  • A Visual Input Enabled, Wearable ("VIEW") device enables human / computer interaction both visually and audibly.
  • LogistiVIEW qualifies devices and partners based on documented criteria and proudly offers Vuzix technology. ​

LogistiVIEW App 

  • The LogistiVIEW App is installed on each VIEW device.  Humans equipped with VIEW devices are guided through the steps of each task, following configured workflows.

LogistiVIEW Server

  • The LogistVIEW Server application bridges the gap between the LogistiVIEW App (device side application) and the enterprise business systems.  The LogistiVIEW Server may be deployed on-premise, in a centralized data center, or cloud.  

LogistiVIEW Console 

  • This comprehensive system console promotes interactive workforce supervision and proper configuration.  While the LogistiVIEW solution is designed to run "lights out" from a management perspective, the LogistiVIEW Console features views into current workload, staffing, and performance.
  • The Human Experience Platform itself is designed generically to optimize any type of repetitive task, regardless of the nature of the task or industry.  All behavior is configured via Workflows, making the solution viable across many enterprises.  As a general rule, if the task has a flowchart, LogistiVIEW can execute it!

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