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We have developed a solution based on smart glasses for industrial and medical environments, with the purpose of assisting companies and workers to be more efficient, productive, and at the same time improving safety conditions.



Our solution, Wearable4Work, is an innovative, open, scalable and sustainable solution disrupting the maintenance and inspection processes.

Zerintia develops the most advanced holistic solution for supporting workers to accurately monitoring, analysing and implementing inspection and maintenance processes in a secure, timely and cost-effective way.

One of the advantages of using Vuzix Smart Glasses is offering lots of power, yet they are easy to use: When carrying out a process, the operator wears Smart Glasses with Augmented Reality and begins to work normally, providing the list of tasks, the order to work on them and if necessary, advising during each process with pictures, offering step-by-step videos of the task, Live Streaming video and drawings, photographs, or other supporting documents, connect with experts online at an event, etc. The glasses can scan materials, tools and location, providing audiovisual support with contextualized information in real time.

This solution increases efficiency; speeds up the time to train new workers and reduces human error, also allowing the confirmation of closing a task the right way. The smart glasses also allow an improvement in the safety of employees, as they operate with "hands-free" and can be programmed into the system to receive communications or through the Central.

Optionally all tasks are likely to be recorded and registered, which helps in standardization of processes and activities, as well as compliance with quality measures.

Wearable4Work Solution

Wearable4Work solution allows us to optimize the management of business processes and their impact. The use of Smart glasses allows us to define processes, set tasks and increase the potential of workers and operators. Our own procedures for processing gathered data allow us to increase processes’ productivity, safety and personnel control; legally certifying activities; reduce time and costs, improve response to incidents, standardize protocols and QA, etc. Wearable4Work comes with the next functions:

  • Hands-free work: on-line access to functionalities and support while workers manage activities and tasks with both hands.
  • Assisted work: step-by-step detailed instructions integrated with Business Process Management.
  • Documentation and Guides: on-line access to documents, tutorials, videos, etc.
  • Remote support: video-audio streaming with remote experts who will see the same that the worker, in order to give support on-line.
  • Augmented reality: new AR capabilities on smart glasses for helping workers
  • Extended information: real time integration with sensors, robots, machines, etc. in order to see KPIs or relevant information
  • External cameras: integration with external cameras (thermo graphic, infrared, etc.)
  • Evidences Log: registration of task results (photo, video, text, voice) and full traceability
  • Location-navigation: maps, navigation and real time location of machinery, people, etc.
  • Analytics: detailed reports of productivity by work order, activity, task, worker, etc.
  • Integration with backend systems of customers (ERP, BPM, DMS, SCADA, MES, etc.)
  • IoT Ready: Technological architecture prepared to be integrated with devices, beacons, sensors, drones, wearables, machinery, robotics, etc.
  • Security: 2-Way SSL certification, encrypted data and VPN communications
  • Multi-device: opened to current and future smart glasses
  • Cloud & Standalone: available on pay-as-a-service model (cloud) or standard implementation (customer servers)
  • Innovative technology: end-to-end architecture based on new technology (Node.js, MongoDB, WebSockets, WebRTC, Angular.js, Vuforia, etc.). So we are prepared for operating with current and future devices and systems.
  • High scalability: High performance architecture and processing capacity prepared to support a large scalability (MongoDB, Node.js)
  • Modular Architecture: 100% modular solution that enable deployment of just the desired functionalities and/or extend them in the future
  • Maximum Security: Certificate SSL 2-Way layered (none of the devices has direct access to the core of architecture), with authorized certificates or signed by third parties. User authentication and secure channel

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