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Communication between deskless professionals and subject matter experts is key to enabling quick decision making and a productive workforce. AiR Suite for Enterprise is designed to deliver unbounded collaboration, management, and rapid task flow deployment.

The AiR Suite for Enterprise is comprised of AiR Hub, a cloud-based management and collaboration console; AiR Designer, an intuitive task flow authoring suite; and AiR Flow, a smart glasses application for task flow interaction and seamless collaboration. Now your deskless professionals using AiR Flow can communicate with remote experts using AiR Hub and resolve problems quickly while keeping focus on the task at hand.


Cloud based collaboration & management console

  • Remote expert guidance via live video, photo, & text.
  • Video conferencing for remote collaboration, and real-time annotation.
  • Multi-device & user profile management.
  • Integration with leading enterprise databases & applications


AiR Designer

Intutive task flow creation tool

  • Author procedures, checklists, & task flows with simple drag-and-drop (GUI).
  • Attach task media, 2D/3D models, and diagrams.
  • Step-by-step instructions, checklists, barcode scanning, and more.


AiR Flow

Customizable task flow & collaboration app for smart glasses

  • Easy interaction for task flow compliance. 
  • Remote expert & multimedia collaboration with AiR Hub.
  • Documentation of work progress through pictures and video. 
  • Smart glasses optimized UI/UX.



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