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It is our great honor to be recognized as a leading system integrator and solution provider in Japanese manufacturing industry today. What led us to such achievement is our capability of developing and delivering the best suitable solution to accelerate clients’ performance; so that they are able to focus on their primary business and business growth.

Growing out of the Information System Division of Nippon Steel, NSSOL had developed and implemented Computer Integrated Manufacturing System in 1960s for the first time in Japan which sustainably runs and produces steel products for 24 hours a day, 365 days.
Steelmaking is known as the most complicated and delicate manufacturing process; more than 50,000 kinds of steel is made out of iron ore depending on different chemical additives, precise temperature control and wide variety of rolling process. Our capability and expertise were forged through such environment.

With principle of manufacturing and operation knowledge imprinted, we had been providing optimized, leading-edge yet the simplest system solution to diverse clients to support raising their business value.

Not only in manufacturing industry, but also for the past quarter of century, our innovative IT system solution is employed by retail service, finance, telecommunication, public and academic service and many other sectors.

The goal is not to meet with client’s expectation but to go beyond. Supporting unbridled business growth of clients is our steely commitment, and to become a reliable partner, that is our goal.

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