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ESSERT Augmented Automation

Remote Support, Training

Context-relevant machine data available on the spot

Technicians working in the fields of robotics, mechanical engineering and systems engineering all have one thing in common: they require machine data every time their services are requested. Their problem: the data needed varies from time to time and is not available if required. Augmented reality and IoT technology are changing this.

3D CAD models, technical drawings, circuit diagrams, specifications and the latest machine process data – all this is available to the technicians. Directly at the machine, worldwide, centrally and in digital form, indoors and outdoors. Internet-enabled smart glasses, tablets, smartphones and wearables serve as output devices that allow the technicians to connect to the back office for audio-visual support.

Augmented Portal:

As platform for the management of users, mobile devices, data and apps the portal forms the system’s core.


Available Apps

Augmented Support:

70% less travel, 40% less expenditure for support – this is the greatest benefit of this IoT application thanks to an on-the-spot, result-oriented service: a technician at the customer’s site communicates with the back office via smart glasses.

Seeing the machine through the perspective of the technician on site the expert guides the technician through the service process. Context-relevant information projected onto the smart glasses facilitates this cooperation.

Via VPN the back office can also provide remote-support by directly accessing the machine in question.

Augmented Documents:

Enables the setup of a 24/7 worldwide available knowledge database. The information can come from various data sources to be managed as needed.

Augmented Instructions:

Step-by-step video-based tutorials guide technicians through a maintenance process. Zooming in on components, highlighting or comments enhance these videos.


Enables real-time HMI interaction (mobile devices and control systems) and thus, ensures higher machine availability.

AUGMENTED Education:

Reduces travel and speeds up the knowledge building process enabling cross-border trainings.

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