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Teleportation Expertise

2-Way Video, Remote Support

Teleport Your Expertise, Multiply Your Productivity

It's no secret, technical issues are numerous, urgent and complex. In an increasingly competitive environment, having the right expert at the right time at right place to increase production uptime is a strategic key.

Expert Teleportation enables experts to avoid losing time in travelling by sharing instantly and remotely their knowledge to someone else already on site.

It's a next generation maintenance package fully personalized to every company. This solution is composed by industrial smart glasses, software & internet routers designed for the plant, and many services to deploy this innovation in an efficient, cost-killing & sustainable manner.


Optimise Your Response Times

  • Ensure your plans / documents correspond to reality
  • Reduce your traveling times to projects
  • Save time and money on projects

Transfer Your Team's Skills

  • Get back up and a second opinion on projects
  • Fill the skills gap when employees retire
  • Limit the number of changes on a project
  • Improve communications between the field and the office

The Impossible Is Possible

  • Intervene anywhere, any time
  • Drastically reduce your transport costs
  • Sell your expertise in Great Britain, Ireland and the Commonwealth – including high-risk countries and conflict zones

Multiply Your Productivity

  • Reduce your current traveling time, and improve the performance and speed of your team tenfold

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