Vuzix Partners

Teleportation Expertise

2-Way Video, Remote Support

Teleport Your Expertise, Multiply Your Productivity

Optimise Your Response Times

  • Ensure your plans / documents correspond to reality
  • Reduce your traveling times to projects
  • Save time and money on projects

Transfer Your Team's Skills

  • Get back up and a second opinion on projects
  • Fill the skills gap when employees retire
  • Limit the number of changes on a project
  • Improve communications between the field and the office

The Impossible Is Possible

  • Intervene anywhere, any time
  • Drastically reduce your transport costs
  • Sell your expertise in Great Britain, Ireland and the Commonwealth – including high-risk countries and conflict zones

Multiply Your Productivity

  • Reduce your current traveling time, and improve the performance and speed of your team tenfold

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