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Telle – The Complete Tele-Medicine Experience

With a focus on the complete care experience, we designed a solution that could grow with your hospital or health care organization’s evolving tele-medicine needs. Whether you are launching tele-medicine to a rural clinic, in a busy ED, or in the home, our flagship product “Telle” allows onsite clinicians to connect with remote providers at any scale.

The Telle solution streams high quality video/audio through a specialized tablet we call “The Brain”. We use wireless peripherals for streaming vital signs in real-time as well as smart glasses that enable point-of-view perspective and greater interaction. To compliment the remote experience, we’ve created a dashboard tailored to capture relevant patient information and display it to physicians and medical staff.

To start a tele-health encounter, the onsite clinician activates the tablet and begins entering patient data. The clinician is able to stream vitals to the remote provider through the kit’s wireless peripheral devices. Meanwhile, the remote provider can log on to our web-based dashboard from any computer to join the tele-health encounter. We even allow support for multiple remote providers to join in on a single encounter.

Stream Audio and Video Rain or Shine
The Telle kit’s durable and rugged design allows it to work from any location. Whether in a hospital or taking Telle into a patient’s home, it is designed to connect remote providers to patients regardless of circumstance.

Gather Insight from Any Angle
Using the latest and greatest in smart eyewear technology, remote providers can experience first-person video streaming. By removing location barriers, we’re giving providers a new line of sight that supports quicker and more accurate assessment.

No Wires, No Clutter, No Kidding
At the point of care, time matters. Give remote providers immediate access to vital signs and important patient information. Focus on what matters – patient care – and let our technology do the heavy-lifting.

Secure Integration for a Seamless Workflow
We’ve built a completely HIPAA-compliant system where all communications run over a 256-bit SSL. Remote providers log in to our web-based solution for secure interaction with patient information on your system.

Customize the Kit to Your Liking
Telle has the capability to work with a variety of peripherals. We’ve got integrations built for a plethora of devices: choose the ones you want, leave the ones you don’t, upgrade at any time.

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