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How AR Smart Glasses can Improve Education


Both Students and Teachers to Benefit from Smart Glasses 

One of today’s challenges for the public education system is keeping pace with an ever changing electronic world. Even post-secondary institutions are working hard to equip the next generation with the skills needed to thrive in a constantly evolving workforce.

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However, augmented reality (AR) smart glasses offer a solution. Granted, academic institutions are slow to integrate the latest technological advances into lesson plans.

This will change as educators become exposed to affordable, innovative hardware. Moreover, the current generation of learners are digital natives who will no doubt use advanced tech in their future careers.

Modern classrooms must learn to leverage modern technologies.

Credit: Bold.Expert

Teaching Without Limits

As a result, the need to leverage modern tech in classrooms is pressing. Specifically, AR smart glasses present teachers several advantages.

First, learning preferences and stats can hover about students in smart glass lenses. Especially in larger classes where one-on-one time is limited, this personalizes the learning experience.

Secondly, prompts can indicate student engagement. Teachers can instantly know if a student is distracted, cheating, or on-task.