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Vuzix Blade® OS Update 2.3 Offers Exciting Improvements


On Friday, May 30th, OS update 2.3 hit the Vuzix Blade®. Additionally, companion app 1.2.1 updates for both iOS and Android also went live.

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The improvements are detailed below and significantly improve the Blade’s® functionality. These updates are part of a planned improvement path and user feedback.

“Take a Picture” - One of Nearly 50 Voice Commands Now Available on the Blade

Speech recognition is now available and we have added nearly 50 voice commands to navigate your Vuzix Blade. Voice commands enable a seamless hands--free user experience on the Blade. If you need to take a picture simply say “take a picture” or if you want to shoot some video footage say “start recording” to bring up the Blade camera app.

If you want to query the web you can activate a voice assistant by saying “get assistant” “hey Alexa” or “hey Google”. If you’re waiting for a notification an important text message or email you can say “view notifications” and say “scroll right” or “scroll left” to browse notifications and say “open notifications” when you want more information or “clear notifications” if you want to mark them as read.

Speech recognition can be enabled in the Settings app. Once speech recognition is enabled, it can be activated by using either a trigger phrase ("hello Vuzix") or tapping on the left side of the Vuzix Blade to start listening for commands. A microphone icon appears on the bottom-left corner of the screen when the speech recognizer is listening.

You can see the Blade® images here. Speech icon is at the top bar and bottom left.