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Vuzix Developer Program


Vuzix Developer Services – evolving for the future. In order to serve the evolving needs of the development community, Vuzix Developer Services is migrating to a new dedicated website.

The newly released site at “” has an initial focus on the Vuzix M100 smart glasses. Over the coming weeks and months the site will grow to include developer support for the complete line of Vuzix eyewear products plus offer exciting new services. For all Vuzix M100 smart glasses development, go to: For other Vuzix products, please continue to use the following links and information as we expand the new site.

Developer Program Benefits:

  • SDKs (Software Development Kit)
  • Vuzix Developer Newsletter
  • Marketing assistance
  • Developer resources and technical information
Three SDKs are available to choose from for current, legacy and upcoming products. Each SDK covers specific Vuzix video eyewear models and capabilities.

Vuzix Standard SDK for Windows

  • Demonstrates frame sequential stereoscopic video for iWear VR920
  • Demonstrates side-by-side stereoscopic 3D video for Wrap and STAR models
  • Demonstrates Vuzix head tracker
  • Supports iWear, Wrap and STAR models
  • Free download

License and download Vuzix Standard SDK for Windows

Vuzix iWear SDK for Mac

  • Demonstrates Vuzix head tracker for iWear VR920
  • Supports iWear VR920 only
  • Free download

License and download Vuzix iWear SDK for Mac

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses SDK

  • Smart Glasses Developer Center
  • Developer information on M100 and M100 SDKs
  • Developer registration form

Go to Vuzix M100 Developer Center  

Developer Information

Do you have questions about the Vuzix Developer Program, product selection or other development related questions? Click on the Developer Request form to submit your questions directly to Vuzix Developer Program manager. All information and enquiries are confidential.


Vuzix AR/VR SDKThe Vuzix AR/VR SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of development resources and examples that demonstrate the application native support for special AR and VR features and capabilities enabled by various models of Vuzix video eyewear. It can be used royalty-free in non-competing applications, including commercial software. The following information pertains primarily to the Windows version of our AR/VR SDK, though a reduced feature set version is available for the Mac OS and some links are provided for 3rd party Linux support.

AR/VR SDK for Windows

Vuzix offers a SDK that demonstrates stereoscopic 3D video, head tracking and AR camera support for 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows. Please note that support methods for the older “iWear VR920” model of eyewear varies considerably from that used by newer models such as the “Wrap” and “STAR” line of products. Vuzix AR/VR SDK examples are provided in: C++, C# and XNA. They demonstrate support for: OpenGL: Full screen and windowed mode Full screen and windowed mode DirectX:  Full screen and windowed mode Full screen and windowed mode XNA:    Full screen and windowed mode MFC windowed mode application, demonstrating head tracking only support. Product ID The SDK demonstrates using “Product ID” to identify what products features and capabilities are operational. This feature enables identification of the user’s eyewear models and adaptation to the methods, features and capabilities relative to that model of eyewear. Stereoscopic Video The Vuzix “iWear VR920” utilizes USB synchronized frame sequential stereoscopy while “Wrap” and “STAR” models support side-by-side formatted content. Both types are demonstrated in the SDK and supported by its video drivers. Head Tracking The Vuzix “iWear VR920” included an integrated 3-degree of freedom head tracker. The “Wrap” and “STAR” models utilize a detachable “Wrap Tracker” offering 3-DOF and compass support. Support for the “iWear” tracker and two versions of the Wrap Tracker (pre and post generation 7) are included in the SDK. Note: Later model Wrap Trackers (generation 7) include hardware changes that enable improved performance when used with the latest drivers included with the AR/VR SDK versions 3.8 and greater. Performance of pre-gen 7 trackers is unchanged when used with v3.8 and later drivers. AR Extension Support for “Wrap” and “STAR” AR camera systems and ALVAR fiduciary markers demonstrated in the AR/VR SDK’s “AR Extension”. This extension, provided in a separate installer, is intended for AR developers only is not required for tracker or stereoscopic video support. It demonstrates camera support using OpenCV and marker support using ALVAR markers, from VTT.

VR SDK for Mac

The Mac version of the SDK is demonstrates head tracking using the “iWear VR920” model only. It does not demonstrate stereoscopic video nor does it support and “Wrap”, “STAR”, or other Vuzix eyewear models.

Linux Support

Vuzix does not offer a Linux compatible version of its AR/VR SDK. We have worked with members of the Linux community to independently support some models of our video eyewear products. The following links provide information and examples of head tracking and stereoscopy support for the “iWear VR920” model of video eyewear. iWear VR920 Stereoscopic Video (Linux) iWear VR920 3-DOF Head Tracking (Linux) Note, these are 3rd party offerings and Vuzix is unable to offer additional support in these solutions.

Acquiring Vuzix SDKs

Vuzix SDK license and download links are available through the following links: AR/VR SDK for Windows VR SDK for Mac Smart Glasses, M100 SDK The Vuzix AR/VR and VR SDKs are available for free download and royalty free use in applications, including commercial those meant for resale and commercial use. The Smart Glasses M100 SDK includes hardware and associated costs but can be used for both private and commercial use. Full terms and conditions are available in the SDK license and registration forms.


Developer Program FAQsDeveloper Program FAQsWith Vuzix products covering a broad range of portable media, virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as both software and hardware development, it is difficult to respond to more than a handful of common questions. If your questions are not answered below, I invite you to submit them through our Developer Program Request form.

Q: How do I get information on new SDKs as they become available?
A: There are two ways; check the Vuzix Download page frequently for changes and new additions or register in the Vuzix Developer Program. Developer Alerts are distributed to advise of recommended SDK updates and new releases.
Q: Why do you ask a bunch of questions when registering for the Developer Program or downloading a SDK?
A: We ask a small number of questions for records maintenance and to help us determine what form of help and information is appropriate. Most of the information we send out is specific to your stated interests – we know your time is valuable.
Q: If I sign-up with the Vuzix Developer Program, will I get bombarded with junk mail or have my information shared with others?
A: No. You will not get excessive emails and all the information you provide will be confidential. This is why we ask a few questions about your areas of interest – to help insure you get only relevant communiqués and the information you provide is not shared with anyone.
Q: How do I update my Developer Program record?
A: Fill out a new Developer Program Request form, using your currently registered email address. If you wish to change your email address, enter your current (old) email in that field of the form and advise us of your new email address in the comments section. We’ll look after it from there.
Q: How do I get more information on Augmented & Mixed Reality support?
A: The Vuzix Developer Program encompasses support for all Vuzix products. Simply complete the Developer Program Request form and indicate “Augmented Reality” as an area of interest and we’ll notify you as additional information becomes available.
Q: How do I get more information on Mobile Device support?
A: The Vuzix Developer Program encompasses support for all Vuzix products. Simply complete the Developer Program Request form and indicate “Mobile Media” as an area of interest and we’ll notify you as additional information becomes available.
Q: My area of interest is not covered by any of those indicated on the Developer Program Request form. How should I communicate my Needs?
A: Vuzix near eye display systems are used in so many innovative ways it’s not possible to list al the potential areas of interest. If your area of interest is not listed, just complete the Developer Program Request form and enter it into the comments area.
Q: Does Vuzix have a program to provide discounts to developers and educational institutions?
A: In some cases, development hardware assistance may be available to qualified developers and institutions. Quantity and access to this service is limited and determined on a case-by-case basis. For additional information, please submit your request and information on your program or project through a Developer Program Request form.
Q: I have developed a program that includes support for Vuzix products and features. How can Vuzix help me get the word out?
A: If you have a program with Vuzix support, we want to help you get the word out. The first step is to submit a Developer Program Request form, telling us about your product, including end-user licensing terms, how it is distributed, availability of a demo version and what and how Vuzix products are supported. Vuzix will post your program and links on our website and consider what additional means of co-marketing support might be appropriate. We are also open to direct discussions and an exchange of ideas – we want to help.

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