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Product FAQs

General FAQs

Can I extend the viewing time of my eyewear by connecting it to an external power source?
Some Vuzix eyewear models are equipped with a rechargeable batter pack or it may be available as an option. The viewing time on these units can be extended infinitely when connected to a compatible external power supply.
Will connecting my iPod/iPhone to an external power supply affect my eyewear viewing time?
Connecting an external power supply to your iPod/iPhone will extend the runtime of that device but it will have no effect on your eyewear’s runtime. Each use separate power sources.
How do I connect my Vuzix video eyewear to my portable DVD player?
There are a couple of different ways to do it. The connection can be made using the Portable DVD Player Cable that comes with a Vuzix Portable DVD player or available for purchase separately. Many portable DVD players have a compatible jack, typically labeled with headphones or audio icon and the letters AV for video. An optional method is to use the RCA style Composite A/V Adaptor Cable that came with your Vuzix video eyewear. Composite connections are universal and available on almost all audio video devices.
Can I use a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries with a Wrap and other Vuzix video eyewear?
Yes. Most well known brands of NiMH batteries will work fine but there are a few brands, such as the Energizer Rechargeable NiMH 2500mAh that may not fit properly into the iWear AV230 XL or Wrap battery box. Batteries with a shorter positive post may not fit correctly into some battery enclosures. Most batteries are built with their positive post to a standard dimension and will work fine.
Will the Composite A/V Adapter for iPod® work with an iPhone?
Yes, the Composite A/V Adapter for iPod® has been tested and approved for use with the iPhone. This is a cable designed specifically for use with iPod and iPhone products. It provides a direct plug and play connection between your iPod, including touch and iPhone, and all AV models of Vuzix video eyewear.
Can I watch 3D DVDs on my computer?
You can but it may require optional cabling, software and configuration. First, you need to connect your eyewear to your computer. How this is accomplished varies from one Vuzix model of eyewear to another. With a model designed for PC connectivity, such as the iWear VR920, it connects directly to a computer. For most other models an optional adaptor cable is required. Once your eyewear and computer are connected, you’ll need a DVD player that is compatible with your 3D content. For some content this may require special software while some may play in a standard DVD player application and will display correct 3D when your eyewear is configured for the corresponding 3D format.
Can your products’ focus be adjusted, so I can wear them without my glasses?
The iWear IP230, iWear AV230, and iWear DV920 have focus adjustments for each eye, allowing approximately +2 to -6 diopters of adjustment.
Where can I obtain information on optional cables and their compatibility?
A cable compatibility chart can be found in the Product Charts section of this website.
Can I use a Wrap VR and STAR eyewear models with Linux?
Wrap and STAR eyewear models, equipped with a VGA Controller (interface adapter) are designed for connection to a personal computer using a Windows XP, Vista or 7 operating systems. Linux is not a supported operating system. Some portions of these products are reported function on some Linux releases but other components may not. Vuzix video eyewear products are not tested on Linux systems and technical support is not available for Linux installations. (also see “Which Wrap VR and STAR components work with Mac & Linux?”)
Can I use a Wrap VR and STAR eyewear model on a Mac?
Wrap and STAR eyewear models, equipped with a VGA Controller (interface adapter) are designed for connection to a personal computer using a Windows XP, Vista or 7 operating systems. The Mac OS is not a supported operating system. Some portions of these products are known to function on version 10.5 and later Mac operating systems, while some are known not to be compatible. Full Mac model and OS version testing has not be conducted and technical support is not available for Mac installations. (also see “Which Wrap VR and STAR components work with Mac & Linux?”)
Which Wrap VR and STAR components work with Mac & Linux?
Note: The following is based upon customer feedback and has not been verified by Vuzix. This is information is being provided to assist Vuzix eyewear customers but it does not constitute any guarantee of compatibility or official support status for these components and/or system configurations. Wrap VGA Controllers (331MA0030) – with firmware 1.35 or greater have been reported to function with both Mac and Linux systems. Some earlier firmware versions may or may not work with Mac systems but they generally do not work with Linux. Firmware version information is available through VR Manager 4.0, a Windows only application. Wrap Tracker 6TC (301T00011) – is not supported on a Mac system but may be work on Linux systems if equipped with independent 3rd party software. Vuzix does not provide a Linux SDK but some developers have had success in implementing tracker support. VR Manager is a software application that provides a tracker calibration tool. This software is only available for Windows. Video Display works for both standard 2D and stereoscopic 3D, when provided with compatible content. 3D video requires side-by-side formatted content played full-screen in a resolution supported by that model eyewear. No special drivers are required. Audio is reported to work with both Max and Linux. AR Cameras, on the Wrap 920AR and STAR 1200 are seen by the computer as standard USB webcams but may require compatible drivers. These products use a variety of video cameras, modified to mount on the eyewear, with drivers supplied by the camera manufacturer. Software provided with these products is Windows only. No Mac or Linux versions of the software is available.



Why do the new Wrap models not include a “Works with” or “Made for” iPod or iPhone label? Does the Wrap video eyewear work with iPod/touch/iPhone?
Apple has an extensive and lengthily process which new products must go through before being approved to display those symbols. Although all the Wrap video eyewear are compatible with current generations of the iPod/touch/iPhone we did not feel our customers wanted to wait until that process had been completed before we released the Wrap eyewear for sale. When the authorization process has been completed, we begin displaying those Apple approved logos. So for now, just connect the eyewear to your iPod/touch/iPhone through a Composite A/V Adapter for iPod and enjoy.
Can I use alternate earphones with a Wrap video eyewear?
Yes. The noise-isolating earphones provided on Wrap video eyewear are removable and can be unplugged and plugged back in later if you wish to use them again. When using an alternate speaker system, remove the Wrap earphones before connecting your alternate speakers or earphones, to avoid excessive volume. Plug a set of earphones, headphones or speakers into the headphone jack on your audio/video device and test the audio level.
What are the differences between the various models of Wrap video eyewear?
Although the various Wrap video eyewear share a common look and many features, the most significant differences are aspect ratio support and display resolution. A Wrap Model Comparison Chart provides a complete listing of the model similarities and differences.
I require prescription eyeglass for vision correction. Can I still use the Wrap video eyewear?
The Wrap video eyewear provides focal adjustment of +2 to -5 diopter independently for each eye. This broad adjustment range satisfies the needs of most spectacle wearers. In addition, Vuzix video eyewear is designed to fit over top of most prescription glasses. The nose bridge can be extended for the display to sit further away from your face and the nosepad wires allow for adjustment to virtually all facial configurations.
Will the Wrap VGA Adaptor allow me to video games in 3D stereoscopic video on my desktop and laptop PC?
No. The Wrap VGA Adaptor is designed to enable the viewing of DVDs and other video content played on desktop and laptop computers. It is not compatible with the Field Sequential 3D format used by games supporting 3D video through a Vuzix iWear VR920. It is also not intended to enable the Wrap eyewear to be used as a full computer monitor replacement for a PC. Although it can be used for this, the video quality in this application is not sufficient to satisfy our quality standards as a recommended application.
Why does the battery indicator in my Wrap eyewear not show a full charge with some batteries?
The expected battery life and indicated charge levels are based upon high-quality alkaline batteries, like those included with the Wrap video eyewear. Rechargeable batteries and others of different types as well as lesser quality brands or those that have sat on a shelf for some time may all show different charge levels.


iWear AV920

What is the difference between the iWear AV230 and iWear AV920?
The most obvious difference is the size and quality of the displays. The iWear AV230 provides 230,000 pixels while the iWear AV920 delivers 920,000 pixels through its 640 x 480 displays. This increase the virtual display perception from a 44-inch screen to 66-inches viewed from 9 feet. Additional notable differences include the iWear AV920’s wider field of view and lighter weight. See the product specifications for a complete list of differentiating features.
Does the iWear AV920 provide independent focus for each eye?
No. The iWear AV920’s higher resolution negates the need for focal adjustment for most viewers. Its lightweight design and adjustable nose bridge enables it to be worn over top of prescription eyeglasses – or without glasses, of course.
Which portable media devices does the iWear AV920 connect to?
The iWear AV920 is compatible with almost any audio/video device that has some form of video output. These include Portable DVD players, media players, digital cameras, camcorders, cellular phones with video output, and console gaming systems such as the Xbox, Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation. The iWear AV920 comes with a DVD cable and a composite audio/video cable. Some devices may require an optional cable or cable adaptor to accommodate various connector formats.


iWear VR920

What are the advantages of an iWear VR920 over a traditional flat screen monitor?
In addition to the obvious privacy and portability advantages of the iWear, the iWear VR920 provides head tracking, 3D stereoscopic video and an integrated audio system. The tracking and 3D capabilities are features simply not available through a traditional monitor viewing environment. The effects of these capabilities will vary from one application to anther and might be best explained from the perspective of a sample application such as the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator program. Imagine yourself piloting a plane on approach to a landing strip 45 degrees off to your left. As you turn your head left and look down, you see the airport in the distance, just as you would see it in the real world. A quick glance at your monitor shows nothing of the airport as its beyond the range for your desktop monitor and is viewable only when its view is changed using a multitude of keystrokes. Then, using your iWear VR920, you glance down at your flight controls and ease back on the throttle and adjust your flaps. You see your flight controls moving in full 3D, giving you the feeling that you can reach out and touch them. To put it simply – you just cannot achieve the same sense of realism looking at a flat 2D image and pressing keystrokes to change your viewing perspective.
How immersive is the iWear VR920 experience?
The iWear VR920 is a semi-immersive device. We want people to be able to see around the iWear so they can type and keep a “foot” in the real world. For those wating a more immersive experience we offer a shield that fully blocks out the real world, for total immersion.
I’ve heard of people trying VR systems in the past and experiencing eye strain. Is that something I should be concerned with?
Eye strain is not a concern when using the iWear VR920. The iWear VR920 screens are not directly in front of your eyes – what you see are virtual screens that have been placed about 7 – 9 feet away. To your eyes, they appear as a 62 inch screen 9 feet away. Testing has shown that the strain on your eyes is no different, in fact probably better, than in front of a traditional flat screen monitor sitting on your desk.
How do I connect an iWear VR920 to my computer?
If you have but a single port on your graphics card or laptop, the iWear VR920’s VGA connector can be plugged in directly or through a “Y” cable, enabling a second monitor to be connected as well. If your graphics port is equipped with a DVI connector, you can use the included DVI adaptor to make your connection. If you have two graphic ports, the iWear VR920 can connect to either and be used as your primary, secondary or a cloned monitor.
Do I need a special graphics card to view 3D Stereoscopic content on my computer?
It depends upon the application you are running. The content must designed for 3D stereoscopy and it or your graphics card must be enabled with 3D drivers. Some applications provide Vuzix Stereoscopic 3D support embedded in the application and these require nothing more – they just work. Others may require a iWear VR920 patch, provided through the iWearMonitor software that is included with the iWear VR920. Some patches enable 3D stereoscopy with any graphics card while others require a graphics card with compatible 3D stereo drivers. A growing list of titles is available in the Vuzix iWearMonitor application.
Watch for an iWear VR920 Compatibility Chart soon to be available on this website!
Why doesn’t my NVIDIA® graphics card display 3D Stereoscopy?
In order for an NVIDIA® graphics card to display 3D Stereoscopy you must install compatible NVIDIA® 3D drivers. For technical support on NVIDIA® products, go to their website at Extensive information on NVIDIA® 3D drivers, driver downloads and 3D stereoscopy in general can also be found at and
How does the iWear VR920 accommodate different head and nose bridge shapes?
The iWear VR920 is designed with these and several other ergonomic factors in mind.
  • The iWear VR920’s “eye box” is designed to accommodate both close set eyes as well as those set further apart.
  • The optics module, on the front of the iWear VR920, tilts +- 15 degrees to allow you to adjust where the display image is and accommodate a wider range of positioning on the bridge of your nose.
  • Weight is a critical comfort factor for multi-hour play in your favorite games. The iWear VR920’s meager 3 oz. weight makes it the lightest VR system currently available.
  • The nose bridge of the iWear VR920 is incredibly comfortable and adjustable to accommodate virtually all nose sizes and shapes; including when worn over glasses.
Will the iWear VR920 work for users wearing prescription eyeglasses?
The optics and iWear VR920 platform have been designed to fit over top (in front) of glasses. Its optics also addresses and alleviates the issues normally associated with astigmatism.
Will the iWear VR920 work with any game, or only with a few supported titles?
There are three aspects of game or application compatibility: functioning as a monitor, providing 3D stereoscopic video and offering tracking support. As a monitor: The iWear VR920 is compatible with Macintosh and Windows as a standard monitor. No special drivers or support is required. 3D Stereoscopy: The iWear VR920 supports 3D stereoscopy either using its own Vuzix 3D drivers or an NVIDIA graphics and compatible 3D drivers. The Vuzix 3D drivers incorporate the latest technology and work with virtually any graphics card using a Windows XP or Vista operating system. 3D is also available in hundreds, if not thousands, of titles when used with an NVIDIA graphics card and compatible 3D drivers. Games or applications must support one of these to enable 3D video; without this support, you see a 2D image. Head tracking: Tracking requires application specific. Tracking support is provided in a growing number of titles plus Vuzix provides the iWearMonitor application and iWear VR920 extensions that add this capability to many game ad simulation titles. Vuzix works with game developers and provides them with a SDK (software development kit) to enable the addition of full iWear VR920 support.
Tracking and/or 3D Stereoscopy does not work in my favorite game. What can I do?
Tracking and 3D Stereoscopy can be provided through a patch, or preferably, through native support embedded in the application. Try as we might, it’s not possible for our engineering staff to create patches for all game and simulation programs. It’s time consuming and some applications, despite our best efforts, cannot be patched. Let us know the titles you want supported. The best way to implement tracking and 3D Stereoscopy support is for the program’s authors to embed the support directly in their programs. Vuzix makes a SDK (software development kit) available free of charge to all developers. Contact them and ask for Vuzix iWear VR920 support. We’ll be happy to work with them to make it fast and easy.
Can I use a different audio system instead of, or in conjunction with, the iWear VR920.
Yes. The iWear VR920’s headphones are removable to allow you to use other headphones as an alternative and they sit outside your ear, enabling then to work in conjunction with alternate audio sources. Using the iWear VR920’s audio has the added advantage of providing directional or 3D audio support. For example, if you are using Ventrilo, the chat program in World of Warcraft, and someone to the right and behind you talks, that is where you’ll hear the sound coming from.
I am a software developer. How do I get more information on supporting the iWear VR920?
An SDK is available to all software and hardware developers through our complimentary Vuzix iWear Developer Program. To download the iWear VR920 SDK, click the “Downloads and Drivers” menu option on our “Support” page.
Is there another source for additional information on the iWear VR920?
Yes, you find additional information at more Vuzix iWear VR920 FAQs


Custom Services

Can Vuzix build me a custom microdisplay system?
Yes. Vuzix has built many custom systems for companies, including Hitachi and Raytheon, to meet their particular requirements.  We have been designing custom systems since 1997 for military and non-military customers. Our competencies range from optics and low-power electronics to mechanical and industrial designs.  
What is the process to get more information on these services?
Call us with your requirements. If you have a statement of work already written, this is helpful, but we would be happy to provide you with some options and help you write one.  We will then prepare a quotation based on the level of effort required.



I purchased my Vuzix video eyewear from a third party vendor rather than direct from Vuzix. Is the warranty still valid?
The terms of the warranty apply to product purchased directly from Vuzix Corporation or one of its authorized resellers. Note the warranty states, “Except where prohibited by applicable law, this warranty is nontransferable and is limited to the original purchaser.” Un-authorized resellers frequently resell product through a variety of online outlets, including new opened product. As the source, age and condition of this product cannot be validated, these items cannot be warrantied directly by Vuzix and warranty claims may have to be processed through the purchase point vendor. If you are unsure of the status of a vendor, be sure to verify with them that they are an authorize Vuzix reseller.
Why is a sales receipt required, even if my product is new to market?
A sales receipt indicates not just when the product was purchased but also whom it was purchased from and more. This information is required to validate warranty eligibility and track potential parts, production and distribution issues.
Where do I go for warranty for product purchased in a different region or country?
The addresses and technical service contact information for Vuzix is provided in the product’s documentation. Typically, this is based on the regional packaging for the product and reflects import/export requirements as well as regional differences in warranty eligibility. Vuzix only supports regional distribution in the US, Japan and the UK/EU and each handles its own warranty and support services. The region where a product was purchased can only offer warranty and support services for those products. As an example, if warranty or support services are required for video eyewear purchased in or from a US source, you must go to the support service provider for that location, regardless of your current location. US purchased product, that was imported by yourself, cannot be supported out of our UK located service center. Such product returns must be handled through the region from which they were originally purchased and/or directed back to your original purchase source/vendor.