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STAR 1200

STAR™ 1200, the world’s leading see-thru augmented reality display system now includes a new 1080p HD camera – smaller, lighter and improved performance.

The STAR 1200 Augmented Reality System uses Vuzix patented quantum optic see-through display technology. You can see the real world directly through its transparent widescreen video displays while computer content is overlaid in full color 2D or 3D. Undergoing continual improvement, the STAR 1200 now ships with an improved 1080p HD camera. This new camera is UVC (Universal Video Class) compliant, meaning it’s plug ‘n play with no additional drivers required for most computer operating systems to function as a standard USB webcam. Reduced weight and size and enhanced performance enable this single camera to address the most demanding AR requirements. The versatile STAR 1200 comes with a broad assortment of software and accessories. Included are a removable head-tracker with compass, VGA computer interface, rechargeable battery powered interface for composite and component audio/video devices, and the powerful easy to use maxReality AR authoring software. STAR 1200 is one of the most popular first-person AR display solutions available today – compatible with virtually all of the most popular augmented reality development software.