• The smartphone put the digital world into our hands and now the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses serve up the digital world "hands free."

    The Vuzix M100 is the world’s first commercially available "Smart Glasses." It is an Android-based wearable computer, enhanced with a wearable monocular display and computer, recording features and wireless connectivity capabilities designed for commercial, professional, and prosumer users. Powerful, small and lightweight, the M100 is well suited for a variety of industrial, medical, retail and prosumer applications. Pre-installed apps can be used to record and playback still pictures and video, track timed events, manage your calendar, link to your phone and more. The M100 is also compatible with thousands of existing Android apps and easy access to developer resources enables the creation of custom apps to suit virtually any need.

    Vuzix M100 provides most of the features and capabilities of a modern smartphone, without a cellular radio, in a hands-free wearable device. It incudes a HD camera for still picture and video capture and enables the user to store their content in expandable onboard memory or stream it live. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity makes it easy to pair with another Android device or connect wirelessly with Wi-Fi to the Internet. An integrated head tracking and GPS system can not only provide apps with your location but even the direction and angle of your current view for unprecedented situational awareness.

    Hands free access to data, direct and remote video capabilities, direct onboard processing of video capture for lag-free Augmented Reality (AR) and more. The era of Smart Glasses is here, ushered in by the Vuzix M100.

    CES-2013-Awards-lgVuzix smart glasses, M100 were the recipient of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award BEST OF INNOVATIONS, and selected as Best Technology in the Wireless Handset Accessory category.

    Subject to change without notice.

  • Vuzix M-100 Smart Glasses - Poster

    Smart Glasses
    Smart Glasses are a wearable display system with onboard intelligence. They can range from wearable display systems with only rudimentary data display capabilities to products that rely upon remote cloud connectivity for application and data processing, up to devices such as the M100 that incorporate a complete Android system comparable to current smartphones.

    The Android system embedded in the M100 is able to run many thousands of existing Android apps plus Android apps customized or created exclusively for its unique design.

    Video Display
    A 16:9, WQVGA, full color display floats in or near your line of sight, providing an image visually equivalent to a 4 in. smartphone screen held at a typical 14 in. distance. Display arm adjustments, display tilt, and left or right eye mounting options, enable you to position the M100 for maximum effectiveness and viewing comfort. A convenient display shield maximizes visibility in bright outdoor sunlight and the small display size minimizes the visual blockage of the real-world view.

    The Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 incorporates a compact White Pearl™ display module and ultra-low-power driver IC, both from Kopin Corporation.

    Wearable Mounting
    Which is your dominant eye? Two mounting solutions are provided with the M100, an adjustable over-the-head system as well as a safety-glass solution. Both allow for left or right eye use. The image in the M100 display rotates to accommodate either eye.

    Vuzix M-100 Smart Glasses - mounting_options_lores

    How do you control apps and features with a wearable hands-free device? With the M100 smart glasses, you are free to choose the interface method best suited to you and your application. Four control buttons on the M100, a traditional smartphone software interface and controls running remotely on a paired Android device, through voice navigation, or using gesture controls, the M100 supports them all.

    Operating Modes
    Three operating modes are available; Local, HUD and Collaborative.

    Local: In Local mode, applications are loaded onto and run directly on the M100 using its onboard processor and memory.
    HUD: HUD mode utilizes apps loaded and run on a paired Android device where the M100 serves as a Heads Up Display.
    Collaborative: Collaborative mode employs the power of both the M100 and a paired Android device. Applications written specifically for this operating mode are able to communicate and collaborate to maximize performance.

    Each of these operating modes can be run with or without an active Internet connection.

    The M100’s integrated camera captures 5 megapixel still images and 1080p high-definition video. Video and image capture can be stored directly on the M100’s memory (expandable up to 32 GB) or streamed live. Where privacy may be a concern when recording video, a “video recording indicator” light on the face of the M100 provides an alert, the same as that accepted for use with video cameras around the world.

    As hinted by the M100’s form factor, audio-out is provided to a single ear. Dual microphones provide audio recording and voice input with noise cancelation.

    Battery life or “runtime” is an important consideration, especially in mission critical business, professional and industrial applications. With so many factors affecting power draw, such as the use of wireless connectivity, display brightness camera usage and more, it is impossible to accurately predict your personal runtime. To alleviate runtime concerns, regardless of your usage scenario, the M100 provides a trifecta of power options: a high capacity rechargeable internal battery, an external USB mini-B power port, plus an external battery pack extending the internal battery’s staying power seven fold.

    Color Choice
    Available in two colors:
    M100 Smart Glasses (Gray)
    Part Number: 425T00011

    M100 Smart Glasses (White)
    Part Number: 425T00021

    Subject to change without notice.

  • OS 2.0 Features

    Vuzix is excited to present the new OS 2.0 software package for its wearable M100 Smart Glasses.

    Download Here:OS2.0 PR image

    The M100 Smart Glasses serves up the digital world before your eye, offering unprecedented “hands free” access to information, data collection, interactive work flow information, hands free computing and much more. Now with a completely updated set of software “OS 2.0” the features and capabilities of the M100 have been significantly enhanced providing an entirely new and improved experience. OS 2.0 is the result of months of customer feedback and in field trials. Vuzix has taken that feedback and incorporated as much as possible as the backbone for OS 2.0 enabling key features like:

    • - A brand new partner application for Android phones with iOS coming soon
      • Partner application support native and legacy M100 Android applications
    • - All new user interface including:
      • Local integrated Nuance voice control (no need for being connected to the web)
      • Integrated gesture recognition
      • New standardized button controls
    • - Integrate Over-the-air (OTA) updates for easy access to future OS releases
    • - Bluetooth connectivity for music and voice calls
    • - Significantly improve power management for longer battery life and better thermal performance
    • - Support for Bluetooth 3.0 enabling BLE and connectivity for iOS support
    • - New SDK for developers

    The Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses with OS 2.0 are built on Android Version 4.0.4 with many enhanced capabilities and a completely new user interface and look and feel.

    Completely redesigned user interface:

    The M100 launcher is now built on a carousel style “desktop” as opposed to a conventional 2D array of applications. For standalone operation this enhances the user experience and enables natural controls for voice, gesture, and buttons.


    The device partner “Manager” application connects to the M100 through Bluetooth and is geared to work with the M100’s Carousel. By synchronizing with the M100 using its own matching carousel the device partner “Manager” app allows easy control and navigation of both native M100 and legacy Android application controls running on the M100 Smart Glasses.



    Note: OS 2.0 is available for download here and will run on most previously shipped versions of the M100 Smart Glasses.

    OS 2.0 User Interface and Controls

    OS 2.0 running on the M100 Smart Glasses supports multiple improved user interface methods including hardware buttons, voice navigation, gesturing, and remote user interface software running on a paired partner device.


    1. Rear Button
    2. Center Button
    3. Front Button
    4. Gesture Sensor
    5. Microphone
    6. On/Off Power Button


    The hardware buttons function similarly to those on other Android devices. In many instances, a quick “press and release” and a long “press and hold” may be interpreted differently by different apps.

    Rear Button
    “press and release” -Androids standard SELECT function
    “press and hold” -Androids standard HOME function
    Center Button
    “press and release” -Move selection BACK
    “press and hold” -Androids standard BACK function
    Front Button
    “press and release” -Move selection FORWARD
    “press and hold” -Androids standard MENU function
    On/Off Power Button
    “press and release” -Puts M100 in sleep mode
    “press and hold” -Open power menu to turn off the M100 or toggle Airplane mode.
    “press and hold 10 seconds”-Force shutdown of the M100

    Voice Navigation

    OS 2.0 Voice navigation is based on the Nunance recognition engine and is available on compatible voice command enabled applications. This recognition is performed locally in the M100 so no internet connection is required and fast responses result. There are both global and application specific voice commands available. Developers can also request custom voice libraries to enable specific voice commands within their application.

    The list of recognized voice commands is growing constantly and may vary from one app to another. Examples of some basic commands, recognized by the pre-installed M100 software, are provided below.


    Voice on – enable voice control (The M100 is always listening for this unless voice control is selected to be turned off)
    Move right – move right one icon
    Voice off – disable voice control (automatically disables after 20seconds with no voice action)
    Select [1-5] – selects the corresponding item
    Scroll left – scroll to the left
    Take Picture – opens the Camera app
    Scroll right – scroll to the right
    Show menu – shows menu options
    Stop/Halt – stop scroll
    Voice help – displays a list of possible words the current application understands for about 5 seconds
    Move left – move left one icon
    Go back – back one level in app
    Go home – return to launcher
    Current Time – opens the Clock app

    From most voice enabled applications you can also have immediate access to most of the M100s base apps simply be appending the word GO in front of the application name. For example:

    • Go audio recorder
    • Go Calculator
    • Go Calendar
    • Go Camera…

    Note: Most applications that are voice enabled also support the VOICE HELP command. Simply Say “VOICE HELP” to get a list of available voice commands. The M100 will respond with an overlay showing the available commands as shown.


    Gesture Control


    OS 2.0 now also supports gesture control, recognizing forward/back, up/down and in/out hand gestures performed in close proximity to its gesture sensor.

    The gesture sensor in your M100 may be located in either of two locations, depending upon its date of manufacture.

    OS 2.0 M100 Software “Core”

    OS2.0 on the M100 includes a number of native or Smart Glasses specific apps some of which are pre-installed on the M100 and others that are downloaded for Android partner devices.

    Smart Glasses Manager


    The Smart Glasses Manager is designed to manage applications on the M100 and be the conduit for connecting your device to the M100 to install new applications.

    The new OS 2.0 Smart Glasses Manager installs on many different Android partner devices from smart phones to tablets. The new OS 2.0 now also supports Bluetooth 3.0 for connection to the M100 enabling Bluetooth low energy, a requirement for connectivity to the iPhone and iOS devices in development at Vuzix engineering labs.

    The M100 Smart Glasses Manager application provides a traditional tap and drag style of interface where a user interface for the M100’s Smart Glasses running application is displayed through the Manager application running on the partner device. Using the partner device’s screen you can scroll through the menus of apps installed on your M100 as well as launch and manage them. A virtual keyboard and mouse, on the partner device screen, enables you to provide both keyboard and mouse style input.

    The Manager and the Carousel

    The partner device Manager application utilizes a matching and synchronized carousel to the M100 itself. As shown below, every app that appears on the M100’s carousel also appears on the partner device’s carousel. The Manager app stays in sync with the carousel on M100 so as it is spun on either the partner device or the M100 they both spin in unison. Selecting an icon on the Manager partner device will run that app on the M100. Typically M100 native applications can be fully controlled through the Manager application or directly on the M100 with voice, button or gesture inputs.



    Running M100 Native Apps

    With OS 2.0 the M100 can run native M100 application and most Android based legacy applications. In the case of running a native M100 app, like the supplied Camera app, when the camera icon is selected on the partner device it opens up all the controls for the camera on the Manager and the camera app on the M100 starts running as shown. Now either the M100 local controls or the Manager app can be used to control the camera application running on the M100.


    Running Legacy Applications

    Android based legacy applications running on the M100 often need a keyboard or a mouse to run them. When a legacy application like the Search or Browser application on the M100 is selected from the manager, the partner device Manager application supplies the keyboard and mouse function as shown here. The space above the keyboard becomes a mouse pad for the M100 and when a field is selected that needs a keyboard the keyboard automatically comes up as shown.


    OS2.0 Native Application Tour

    With OS 2.0 many of the base applications that come preinstalled on the M100 have been written to take advantage of the new OS 2.0 capabilities and are considered native applications. Here are just a few examples.

    Audio Recorder

    Audio Recorder

    The Audio Recorder application is a Native M100 Application. It can be controlled standalone by Voice, Buttons and Gesture or by using the partner device Smart Glasses Manager application installed on the Partner Device.

    Sample voice commands supported: record audio, pause recording, resume recording, delete recording,
    go library, go audio recording

    audio1 (2)
    Audio 1
    Audio 2
    Press Audio Recorder icon on the partner device and then press the START button to begin recording. As shown, the M100’s VU meter will track the audio levels as it is recording. Recordings will then be saved in the M100 Smart Glasses audio library.


    Audio Recorder

    The Calendar application is a Native M100 Application designed to sync with the calendar on the partner device. It can be controlled standalone by Voice, Buttons and Gesture or by using the Smart Glasses Manager application installed on the Partner Device.

    Sample voice commands supported: Scroll Down, Scroll Up, Next Day/Week/Month/Year, Previous Day, Stop/Halt, View calendar for <date>

    calander1 (2)
    Calendar 1
    Press Calendar icon on the partner device and then adjust the date to the day required and as shown the M100 will show the event calendar for that day.


    Audio Recorder

    The Camera application is a Native M100 Application. It can be controlled standalone by Voice, Buttons and Gesture or by using the Smart Glasses Manager application installed on the Partner Device.

    Sample voice commands supported: focus, zoom, take picture, take video, start recording, stop recording

    Press Camera icon Select Camera or Video mode and press “camera image” to take pics or “RECORD” for video


    Audio Recorder

    The Clock application is a Native M100 Application. It can be controlled standalone by Voice, Buttons and Gesture or by using the Smart Glasses Manager application installed on the Partner Device.

    Sample voice commands supported: go clock, go stopwatch, go timer, start, resume, stop, halt, reset

    clock timer
    Clock M100

    Press Clock icon on the partner device and then select the “Clock”, “Stopwatch” or “Timer” mode. Setup the M100 through this interface and press “Start”


    Audio Recorder

    The Contacts application is a Native M100 Application designed to sync to the contacts database on the partner device. It can be controlled standalone by Voice, Buttons and Gesture or by using the Smart Glasses Manager application installed on the Partner Device.

    contacts1 (2)
    Contacts 1
    Contacts 2
    Press Contacts icon on the partner device carousel to start contacts on the M100. Press “Sync” to sync the Partner Devices contacts to the M100. Selecting a contact name will open it and allow calling, email, SMS, etc. through the Partner Device using the M100 as a hands free headset. The M100 will also show the contacts on screen.


    Audio Recorder

    The Gallery application is a native M100 Application that manages the videos and pictures taken on the M100 Smart Glasses and allows them to be moved/copied to the partner device. Using the launcher on the M100 images and videos can also be connected directly to social media sites. The Gallery app can be controlled standalone by Voice, Buttons and Gesture or by using the Smart Glasses Manager application installed on the Partner Device.

    gallery1 (2)
    Gallery M100
    Press Gallery icon on the partner device carousel to start Gallery on the M100. The partner Device will show all pictures and videos that have been recorded in the M100. As they are scrolled through they are also shown on the M100. To copy them from the M100 to the partner device press the “Save a copy” button.


    Audio Recorder

    The Scanner allows you to read QR Codes and Bar Code using your Smart Glasses camera. It has been integrated into certain features of the M100 to make it easy, for example, to open websites, log onto WiFi netwroks, shop and research products on the web, and the likes. Simply run the Scanner application and point the M100 to a QR Code. You can scan in both landscape and portrait modes, and can even scan mirrored images!
    To create your own QR or Bar codes we recomen using the QR Droid site located at www.qrdroid.com. The M100’s scanner is based on the QR Droid software.

    Scanner 1
    Scanner 2
    Press Scanner icon on the partner device to start the Scanner on the M100. The scanner will start up on the M100 and immediately go into scan mode. Once a bar code is scanned (either 2D or 1D) the ability to search the web to identify what was scanned for more details and or to shop is then presented. The Scanner can also be used to automatically connect to WiFi hot spots or go to websites or follow QR Codes on marketing and advertisement etc.

    • Optics
    • Display resolution: WQVGA Color displays
    • Aspect ratio: 16:9
    • Field of View (Diagonal): 15 degrees, equivalent to 4 in.
      mobile device screen seen at 14 in
    • Brightness: >2000 nits
    • 24 bit color
    • Left or right eye usable processor
    • OMAP4430 at 1GHz
    • 1GB RAM
    • Fully optimized Android ICS
    • 4GB flash

    • External Flash slot
    • Micro SD support up to 32 Gig

    • Controls
    • 4 Control buttons
    • Remote control app, runs on paired Android device
    • Supports customizable voice navigation
    • Supports gesturing

    • Sensor Systems (Always on)
    • 3 DOF Gesture Engine (L/R,U/D,N/F)
    • Proximity
    • Ambient Light

    • Integrated head tracker
    • 3-degree of freedom head tracking
      • 3 axis Gyro
      • 3 axis Accelerometer
      • 3 axis Mag/Integrated compass

    • 600mha rechargeable internal battery
      • Up to 6 hours hands free (display off)
      • 2 hours hands free + display
      • 1 hour hands free + display + camera + high CPU loading
    • 3800mha rechargeable external battery pack
      • Ultra-thin USB mini-B cable
      • Powers & recharges M100
      • Includes belt clip
      • 115 x 58.6 x 10MM
      • Increases run time up to 6.5 times over base M100

      Hands Free
    • Ear speaker
    • Noise cancelling microphone

    • Camera
    • 5 Megapixel Stills
      • 1080p Video
    • 16:9 aspect ratio

    • Mounting Options
    • Over head
    • Safety Glasses (included)
    • Use with left or right eye

    • Connectivity
    • uUSB: Control/Power/Upgrade
    • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n,
    • Bluetooth 4.0

    • Supported Host Devices software
    • Android
    • iOS (in development)

    SDK available

    Subject to change without notice.
  • Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses opens new horizons in smartphone and mobile information access.

    Vuzix M-100 Smart Glasses - Poster

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    Are you interested in becoming a M100 Developer?

    The Vuzix Developer Center provides access to a M100 SDK and other important resources designed to assist you in developing and customizing apps designed to empower users.

    Register as an M100 Developer today and explore the untapped potential of hands-free data access, processing and recording virtually anytime, anywhere.

    For additional information on the M100 SDKs and to sign up as a Registered Vuzix M100 Developer, go to the Vuzix Developer Center.

    • The M100 package contains:

    • M100 Smart Glasses
    • USB to Micro USB Cable, Right-Angle
    • M100 External Battery Pack
    • M100 Headband
    • M100 Earphone Caps, Short & Long
    • M100 Safety Glasses
    • M100 Safety Glasses Adapters, Left & Right
    • M100 Carrying Case

    • m100b

    Subject to change without notice


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